PHOTOS: Wilson Cruz takes it off like it’s his civic duty

Wilson Cruz has something to show you…something truly titillating …something often described as the strongest aphrodisiac known to humankind.

We’re referring, of course, to a website with .gov domain name.

The Star Trek: Discovery actor pointed his fans to CENSUS.GOV and VOTE.ORG, reminding everyone of the importance of participating in the census and making sure that voter registration is active ahead of the November election.

But clearly playing to his audience, Cruz gave civic duty a bit of sex appeal.

He wrote:


Happy Sunday, loves. If you’re in southern Cali, I hope you’re staying cool and hydrating!

…BUT NOW that I have your attention… if you’re inside, trying to beat the heat, NOW is a good time to FINALLY go to VOTE.ORG and/or CENSUS.GOV and make sure you’re registered at the correct address and counted in the census! LET’S GO! #vote #census2020 BE HEARD! BE COUNTED!

And he offered a similar view in his story, linking another photo directly to VOTE.ORG when folks swiped up:

So just to reiterate:

Fill our your census info if you haven’t done so already — it’s quick and easy and important.

And to anyone who still needs to hear it — REGISTER TO VOTE.

Now enjoy this further dive into Cruz’s IG: