Pietro Boselli’s baby, Big Dipper’s belly, & Matthew Wilkas’ cycling singlet

This week Mayor Pete Buttigieg cemented his status as a serious 2020 contender, Sam Smith‘s dreamy ex was linked to a Game of Thrones babe, and Taylor Swift donated a mini fortune to fight anti-LGBT bills in Tennessee. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Mark Kanemura did the whole damn thing.

Brock McGillis wore pink.

Aja adjusted her suspenders.

Antonin Dansicare rearranged the furniture.

Pietro Boselli held a baby.

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Domingo de familia

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Big Dipper rocked a one piece.

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?? photo by @toddinphx

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Jake Bain kicked off crop top season.

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Crop top season?

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Joshua Christie wore red.

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Full time swimwear Model ??????

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Matthew Holehouse had the locker room to himself.

Brad Goreski went to Coachella.

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Which way to #coachella? ??

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Danell Leyva sat poolside.

Jordan Burroughs sweat it out.

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This isn’t a sentimental post, it’s a challenge. Much of who you become is determined in the moments when no one is watching. There‘s no coach around you, no teammate, significant other or friend to give you encouragement. In most of your opportunities for growth it’s just you and your thoughts. Are you still willing to put the effort in then? Are you willing to give it your all when there is no one there to challenge you? Understand this — if you desire to live a life of excellence, it’s not only going to be hard, it’s also going to be lonely. Everyone won’t become great. Not because they don’t want to, but because they’re not willing to. We’ve all seen your tweets and your IG posts, but when your phones are down and the laptops closed, are you really putting the work in? Remember that no matter how good you become, the struggle always remains. The hill gets steeper and the road rougher. Every day is a mental battle. There is a fight between who you are and who you want to be. Some mornings I wake up and I don’t want to get out of bed. Then I take a moment to ask myself, “Who do I want to be? What are my opponents doing right now?” Then I visualize: “I bet he’s not sleeping. I bet he is training.” And then I get to work. After mornings like those, I rejoice. Because I know that I’ve conquered my biggest obstacle — myself. These are the days that I become a champion. As you journey to become your best, never let your comfort zone speak louder than your dreams. If you need to rest, rest easy in the beauty of your struggle. Because although excellence comes at a cost, so does mediocrity. Serena Williams said it best: . “There are days that I don’t feel like training, but there is no day that I feel like losing.” . Which path will you choose? -JB . ?@mattnager

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Kit Harington shook his pasties.

Ryan Cleary embraced the sun.

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Peace and elevation

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Nyle DiMarco did the woah challenge.

Laith Ashley posed for Avante magazine.

Chris Salvatore closed the shades.

Travis Wall got his base tan.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman threw back to his modeling days.

Charlie Carver stood in the shallow end.

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protosummer bummer

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Matthew Wilkas received his cycling singlet.

Titanius Maximus stretched.

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Stretching before sleep is fundamental okay? ??

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Shawn Mendes wore leather.

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Leeds x ?

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Rome Flynn nicked his bulge.

Anthony Bowens found a mirror.

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Tom Ellis took a drink.

John Boyega took a dip.

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Holiday vibes ??

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And Jonathan Van Ness took notes.

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