NEWS: Elton John A New Dad After All, A Tale Of Two Pecs & Ellen’s Baby Talk


Ryan Gosling discussed his pecs with dubious humility, then Buzzfeed — doing God’s work, really — illustrated their inspirational journey from boy boobs to full-blown chesticles.

Les MisEddie Redmayne makes a pretty girl. A pretty girl that Ben Affleck wants to marry.

– And a pretty girl Ben Affleck didn’t want to marry, Jennifer Lopez, was super happy — and not at all seething with bitterness — when he won big at the Golden Globes.

– Liar, liar, sequined cape on fire. Despite their initial denial, Elton John and David Furnish did actually have a second baby, Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John.

– According to the nation’s critics, the Reese WitherspoonChris PineTom Hardy ménage-à-crap This Means War was the worst film of 2012.

– Adding to the endless commentary about Jodie Foster‘s rambling coming-and-going-out speech, Funny or Die breaks down her inner monologue:

George Clooney denies getting his eyes done but talks openly about his testicular “ironing.”

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly — as reported by her father Michael — working as an escort and that mom Dina is “pimping her out.”

– U.S. Downton Abbey fans can catch the final three episodes of the season on January 29 when they purchase a “season pass” on iTunes.

– On her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ellen Degeneres shared an anecdote about her fictitious child and her even more fictitious shenanigans:

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  • Katbox

    Fuck elton.

  • MikeE

    @Katbox: I doubt I could get it hard enough to do so, he’s just so gross.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville


    Well fuck both of you, too! Elton is 65 years-old — of course you two 20-or 30 somethings don’t want to fuck him, he wouldn’t want anything to do with you either.

    For us 40-60 year-olds, when we were teens and twenties, Elton snubbed being “straight” and flaunted being a mensch. More than his music and his entertaining, Elton showed the gay community to stand tall, not to slink around ashamed. And, while governments and politicians turned blind eyes to the plight of the hundreds-of-thousands of HIV/AIDS patients, Elton helped raise millions of dollars of funds for direct HIV/AIDS patient services.

    So Katbox and MikeE, before casting cunty snark at another, perhaps you should check out who it is you are dissing — save your venom where it is due: NOM and its Brian Brownnose and Maggot Gallagher, for Tony “I just can’t talk enough about man-on-man sex” Perkins, for “I’m with you — OOPS gonna run for President, so now I’m against you” Romney, for the GOP, or even those idgits at Log Cabin and GOProud.

  • 2eo

    There was a Twilight film in the year and it didn’t win worst everything ever?

    Turn the lights off America, it’s time to take the old dog out the yard and shoot it.

  • Aidan8

    I want to lick Ryan Gosling…..

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