NEWS: Elton John A New Dad After All, A Tale Of Two Pecs & Ellen’s Baby Talk


Ryan Gosling discussed his pecs with dubious humility, then Buzzfeed — doing God’s work, really — illustrated their inspirational journey from boy boobs to full-blown chesticles.

Les MisEddie Redmayne makes a pretty girl. A pretty girl that Ben Affleck wants to marry.

– And a pretty girl Ben Affleck didn’t want to marry, Jennifer Lopez, was super happy — and not at all seething with bitterness — when he won big at the Golden Globes.

– Liar, liar, sequined cape on fire. Despite their initial denial, Elton John and David Furnish did actually have a second baby, Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John.

– According to the nation’s critics, the Reese WitherspoonChris PineTom Hardy ménage-à-crap This Means War was the worst film of 2012.

– Adding to the endless commentary about Jodie Foster‘s rambling coming-and-going-out speech, Funny or Die breaks down her inner monologue:

George Clooney denies getting his eyes done but talks openly about his testicular “ironing.”

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly — as reported by her father Michael — working as an escort and that mom Dina is “pimping her out.”

– U.S. Downton Abbey fans can catch the final three episodes of the season on January 29 when they purchase a “season pass” on iTunes.

– On her visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ellen Degeneres shared an anecdote about her fictitious child and her even more fictitious shenanigans: