NEWS: JT Debuts Album Cover, Lusting After Tim McGraw & The Grammys Ban Boobs


Justin Timberlake tweeted out the album artwork and track listing for his upcoming attempted return to pop music relevance.

Willow Smith dropped out of Jay-Z‘s Annie remake (yeah, that’s a thing) so she could “just be 12.” Ugh, hello. You can be 12 anytime, Willow, but how often can you hang out with Beyoncé?

tim-mcgraw– We think this picture answers this question, but in case you’re wondering: Yes. Yes we are.

E! decided to give UK boy band The Wanted their own reality show, in hopes that Lindsay Lohan might drunkenly stumble onto rumored obsession Max George‘s lap.

– And here we thought the divine Mallory Archer was modeled after the divine Jessica Walter.

Rihanna, proving her loyalty and/or stupidity, accompanied Chris Brown to court Wednesday morning.

– Meanwhile, looks like allegedly gay actor John Travolta allegedly paid off that cruise ship masseur. We wonder how big his legal fund is (allegedly) for all these allegations.

– CBS is trying to keep their Grammys  telecast as classy as possible this year by sending out a detailed memo about what constitutes appropriate attire. In related news, the Grammys have been cancelled.

–  Contrary to previous shade, Lena Dunham claims she did vote in the 2012 election.

Kate Middleton will “officially” reveal the royal baby bump in two weeks, at which point Prince Harry will take it to Vegas and get it prenatally drunk.

Here’s Jennifer Love-Hewitt reminding us that she’s never going away. Ever.

– And here’s Richard Simmons re-enacting this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees with Wendy Williams. It’s as cray as it sounds. Howyoudoin‘, Gettysburg?