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  • Brian in Seattle

    Are you going to believe anything the Rupert Murdoch owned NY Post says about Rachel?

  • Bob R

    The NY Post hates Olbermann, Maddow and all things MSNBC. They have no credibility. It’s a rag, good for wrapping fish, covering the bottom of the bird cage or housebreaking puppies, otherwise it’s a waste of paper, ink and energy.

  • Dom

    FuxNoise and Rupert Murdoch are scared shitless of Maddow and Olbermann. They tried the same thing with Olbermann and he laughed in their faces and made fun of them until they were so embarassed at their own stupid lies that they stopped. Murdoch knows if the Dems take over the entire government, Fux is toast. Those hundreds of thousands of weekly complaints against Fux sent to the FCC are not going to be ignored by Obama, and Dems have plenty of planned revenge against Murdoch, and deservedly so. FoxNews is a hell of a lot more damaging than the Great Janet Jackson Terrorist Nipple Assault On The American Psyche!!!

  • Kate

    Rachel Maddow can sack me any time she likes.


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