Principal Who Resigned After Inviting Anti-Gay Band: I Was Gonna Leave Anyway

Iowa principal Mike Cooper created quite the shit storm earlier this month when he invited the band Junkyard Prophet (right) to a March 8 assembly at Dunkerton Community School.

Instead of blowing on jugs and strumming washboards (or whatever inbred musicians do), the band started preaching against the sins of homosexuality and abortion.

Whatever happened to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”?

There was an uproar in the community and, on Monday, Cooper resigned his position. But he’s back wants to set the record straight, so to speak: He wasn’t pushed to quit because of the controversy. He was leaving to take a better job as a superintendent in North Cedar.

Reports the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

Cooper said he was away in Arizona when he got word that his resignation plans were reported on last week and said the public was wrong to believe it had anything to do with the assembly.

“That just isn’t the case,” he said. “This is a natural flow for me.”

Hmm, we guess shit really does flow upstream.

 Photo: You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

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  • Jim Hlavac

    People keep referring to Bradlee Dean as “anti-gay” — he is no such thing — he’s a Genocidal maniac who has made it clear repeatedly that nothing less than our extermination is what will solve his problem with us. Anti-gay is something like, “no marriage recognition, but leave the couple alone.” Or “I don’t want gay kissing in my restaurant, go to a gay place.” Exterminating fellow citizens is Genocide, which is way beyond “anti-gay.”

  • Mikel D McGrew

    I found this story most interesting. I attended Dunkerton Community School in Dunkerton, Iowa, from kindergarten through seventh grade when my family moved to more enlightened Iowa City. The years spent in Dunkerton were the worst of my life. I was, to be blunt, persecuted for some difference the town folk perceived in me, even though I had no idea what made me so different. That in 2012 the community would react in the manner to this bogotry impies that times have indeed changed. I will no longer entertain fantasies about destroying the town with a small nuclear device.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Does anyone know where this guy is going to be superintendent next year?

  • 13Zeroither

    @Mikel D McGrew sorry about your experience at that place :(

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