Prop 8 Repeal Group Love Honor Cherish Can Start Knocking On Doors

The Los Angeles-based activist group Love Honor Cherish got the go-ahead Friday to start gathering signatures for a measure that would undo Proposition 8.

They have until May 14, 2012 to collect the 807,615 voter signatures required to qualify their initiative for the November 2012 ballot.

Writes Lisa Leff in the AP:

“This is severely impacting people, loving couples who cannot get married. It has severely impacted me not being able to get married,” Love Honor Cherish board chair Tom Watson, who signed as the initiative’s official proponent, said. “It’s been more than three years since Prop 8, and a majority of California residents have realized that it is a mistake to deny loving same-sex couples the right to marry and are ready to reverse the mistake that was made at the ballot box. We should give them that opportunity.”

The new initiative would strike down Prop 8—which enforces the one man/one woman concept of marriage—but would allow clergy to refuse to perform marriages that violate their religious beliefs. You know, like they already can.

Love Honor Cherish picked up the gauntlet this fall after Equality California said it was not going to lead the fight. Of course with Prop 8 bouncing around the California court system, this new repeal initiative may prove unnecessary.

But you can never be too careful.

Images via Nairn Howard, Love Honor Cherish