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  • Keith Kimmel

    Thank god they got the son of a bitch.

    Any objections to taking him out behind a shed somewhere and blowing his head off?

  • Chitown Kev

    @Keith Kimmel

    I have no objections to that.

  • Rose

    why would we believe them after they basically said he was asking for it? i hope they did really get him but then what will happen to him if they seem so apathetic to the crime? this whole thing just makes me ill.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Keith Kimmel

    Any objections to taking him out behind a shed somewhere and blowing his head off?

    That would be far too easy, and good for him. I say an eye for an eye–which would be a good start.

  • romeo

    I’m with you guys. The more cruel and unusual the better, just like he did to Mercado. Great behavior modification for like-minded assholes.

  • Yo

    As someone who lives in PR, let me tell you I don’t expect much to come of this. The police and government officials are only slightly less corrupt than the criminals themselves. And it’s not even limited to “hate crimes”. A friend got a ticket in an accident he didn’t cause simply because he was the one who actually had insurance. The uninsured driver simply went on his way because the cop didn’t want to bother with it. They’re lazy and corrupt.

  • dorian

    My heart goes out to his family, his mother.

    Despite the investigating officer’s Nazi comments, I pray that this animal receives justice.

  • Tony

    The LGBT community around the world needs to take a look about the issues affecting the gay community in Puerto Rico and the history of hate crime through the history. The crimes against gay people in Puerto Rico always have been ignored by the police by blaming the victims. The government and religious group continue to promote hate against the gays. The crime against this young man is one of the most horrible crimes I’ve ever heard. The LGBT community needs to take step and investigate the abuse through the history against the LGBT community in Puerto Rico.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    I’m entirely in favour of giving him what he gave Jorge, and then some. We really need to start forming gay militias or something to take care of animals like this when the authorities don’t. Yeah, I said it. We need some homo vigilantism.

  • Luis

    Free The Porter Rican, ..Nd i need my rosery back, it aint his fault a fag went tryin to get fuked in da ass by him he just aint like that! That’s Not Who he is i known him half my life and he’s like a brother to me!

  • romeo

    Yeah, Luis, I totally believe he’s like a brother to you. Hope the both of you rot in hell.

  • KleenexBoy

    PLEASE, EVERYONE, WRITE PUERTO RICO’S ATTORNEY GENERAL, Antonio Sagardia, at [email protected], phone 787-721-2900, and let your voices be heard.

    The FBI needs to take over the investigation. This HAS to become the FIRST hate-crime tried under President Obama’s new law. Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., it is our backyard, and many, many gays, live there. It has always been a welcoming place for us, and we need to show the government that we want to keep it that way. Governor Luis Fortuno is a young, brilliant guy, and he needs to hear our voices. This was a KID who was killed.

    I WANT TO SEE FROM MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS HERE the same passion used to debate Adam Lambert or the Marine in porn guy or Chaz Bono. PLEASE.
    Otherwise, WE ARE THE ONLY ONES TO BLAME. NOT heteros, not authorities, us. For being complacent.

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