ft. worth

Queer LiberAction’s Radical Protesting Techniques: Smooching Thy Enemy


What’s more exciting than being at Ground Zero during the fight for LBGT equality? Being at Ground Zero while all hell breaks loose! Hello, Ft. Worth!

While last night ultimately saw the adding of transgender/gender identity protections to Ft. Worth’s non-discrimination ordinance, it didn’t come without a showdown between anti-queer protesters and everybody’s favorite radical troupe at Queer LiberAction.

Just days after a screaming match showdown with the National Equality March’s Mark Reed, QLA’s Rick Vanderslice was back on the scene in front of Ft. Worth City Hall, where “the drama unfolded shortly after 5 p.m. with TV news cameras rolling,” relays John Wright. “Fort Worth police officers looked on from a distance but did nothing to separate the two factions, which each appeared to number about a dozen.”

Indeed, there was Vanderslice and an unidentified anti-gay protester getting all up in each other’s shit. “At one point, Vanderslice attempted to kiss the man.” Yeah, boyyyy, show ’em who’s boss.