Queers Already Fundraising For Hillary Clinton’s Next Presidential Run

Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Rodham ClintonIt’s been a great run, Obama, but nothing lasts forever. Eventually it’s going to be time to elect a new president, and queers are already lining up behind their favored candidates.

This Monday in L.A., for example, the “Ready for Hillary” super PAC is holding a fundraiser at the Abbey, the super-popular gay hot spot in West Hollywood. The 2016 election is still a long way off, but it’s never too late to start gathering cash.

And plenty of celebrities are getting on board. Expected speakers at the Ready for Hillary event:

  • Michelle Clunie, actress and star of Queer as Folk
  • Joely Fisher, actress and activist 
  • Paul Katami & Jeff Zarrillo, Prop 8 plaintiffs
  • Hal Sparks, actor and star of Queer as Folk

Tickets are a little over $20, which isn’t much, but every little bit counts. (The cost of the 2012 election, BTW, is estimated to be $8 billion. A $20 donation would represent approximately .00000025 percent of that.)

What other Democratic challengers will Hillary face? Well, none, if they’re smart. What Democrat is crazy enough to try to challenge her in a primary at this point? (It’s not your turn yet, Cory Booker. Pipe down, Joe Biden.)

In case you’re wondering why queers would want to support Hillary, there’s this: she openly supports marriage equality. She was awesome about that “Texts from Hillary” thing. She says that LGBT rights are human rights and should be a priority of the US. Her suits will provide fashion-gays with endless topics of conversation. Her State Department eliminated onerous passport roles for trans travelers. She wished everyone a happy Pride.

And that’s just the start of what will surely be an endless heaping of praise for Hillary over the next two years. Get ready for it to feel just like 2008 all over again.