Queerty Readers Respond To News That Men Will Soon Be Able To Regrow Their Foreskin

1558491_716035748420229_813351398_nYesterday, we reported that a medical research lab is very close to finding a way for circumcised men to regrow their foreskin.

Foregen is “a non-profit organization founded to research and implement regenerative medical therapies for circumcised males” that aims to “promote genital integrity through regenerative medicine.” Lab researchers there just announced that they’ve figured out how to generate new skin using small samples of foreskin tissue. They now hope to move onto human clinical trials sometime in the near future.

The news elicited a strong response to Queerty readers, particularly on Facebook.

“To each his own,” Jerome Robertson wrote, “but I’m not a big fan of uncut ’cause some men are fucking nasty and don’t clean themselves properly.”

(Jeez. Tell us how you really feel, Jerome.)

Naturally, this sparked quite an outcry. Robertson’s comment received over 20 replies.

“You want to talk about nasty?” David Runyan responded. “Let’s talk about trapping an open wound in a diaper with feces and urine every night. Before you cut your son make a small cut on your thigh, get some used toilet paper, get it moist with some urine and tape it to the cut and leave it over night.”

(Um. We think we’ll pass.)

“My feet get dirty because I walk around barefoot sometimes,”Jeremy Homer added, “but I’m not going to cut them off for the sake of being clean.”

(Hmmm. That seems like a bit of a stretch.)

“You’re missing my point,” Robertson rebutted. “I shouldn’t have to tell a grown man to clean his penis. That’s something he should have been taught by his parents.”

To which Cassie Elizabeth Waldeck replied with this pearl of wisdom, “If my circumcised husband doesn’t shower his balls stink. Circumcised men still need to wash their genitals.”

(This is true. Circumcised men, like uncircumcised men, need to properly wash themselves. Surely we can all agree on that.)

Then David J. Bernstein posted this super helpful flyer:


Madeline Rupert opined: “Some men are fucking nasty. And you know what? Cutting pieces of their genitals off won’t make them cleaner in any respectable degree.”

William Ortego concurred. “These men deserved to keep their penis intact but asshole parents took that from them!”

Other people had questions regarding the new reparative therapy:

“If it grows back looking like Abe Vigoda’s neck, do you get your money back?” Pablito Belanger asked.

“How can someone miss something they never had?” William Mc Gregor wondered.

And some had absolutely no interest in it whatsoever:

Not my cup of tea,”James Michael said. “I’ll stay circumcised.”

“No thank you,” Bobby Smith politely declined.

“I think science would be more useful if they cured male-pattern baldness,” Queerty commenter Desert Boy said.

But perhaps Jorge L Mancha put it best when he wrote: “Everyone has their preferences. Why don’t we just leave it at that?”

So what do you think of the latest technology that may allow circumcised men to regrow their foreskin? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below.