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Rand Paul: Kill The Department of Education So Kindergartners Don’t Have To Learn 2 Mommies Being Normal

Department of Education hater Rand Paul, who wants to be Kentucky’s next Republican senator, told the debate audience the reason he doesn’t want the federal government involved in the way schools choose their curriculum. “I would rather have the local school districts decide things,” Paul said during his face off against Democrat Jack Conway. “I don’t like the idea of Suzie has two mommies being an appropriate family situation to talk about to kindergartners. That’s what happens when it gets to the federal level.” Actually, that’s not at all what happens: Local communities still decide what’s taught in schools.

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  • David

    Rand Paul want’s to make sure kiddies know about a magic man in the sky who really loves you… but also really, really hates your [email protected] guts.

  • Comixbear

    Yet another nutjob trying to use ‘The Gay’ as a scare tactic.

  • Sceth

    Oh, for the love of Locke, it’s telling that people as polar-opposite as Mill and Rousseau can agree on something: that no (sufficiently sophisticated) social system can work on people who haven’t been educated into it.

    Goodbye, intellectual foundation of libertarianism. It was nice to know you. :(

  • Soupy

    Sceth, I couldn’t agree more. No true libertarian is stupid enough to believe that the tea party has any claim to libertarianism.

  • Brutus

    This is who we’re supposed to vote for because we’re disappointed with Obama, right?

  • Yellow Bone

    This is the same man that said desegregation was wrong. Please tell me nobody is actually, legitimately taking this person seriously.

  • tjr101

    The fact that people like Rand Paul, Sharon Angle and Christine McDonnell are even in tight races or ahead in some polls is very, very scary. Are there so many idiots in America?

  • uppity1

    Yes TJR101, there must be. Check out Joe Bageant’s book Deerhunting with Jesus. He’s a blue collar journalist who writes intimately about the people he grew up with and why they vote the way they do.

  • McMike

    Um, another anti-gay GOP’er who’s a total closet case. He swishes was too much with his hips and his shoulders to be not gay.

  • peter

    Sadly, this is the kind of thing we will be hearing for the next few years. I’m already planning my exit from this doomed country.

  • damon459

    I can’t wait for these morons to get elected. To all those people who think Obama has wronged you so much just wait tell these people are running the show. Thank god I can take my Social security checks with me to Canada. Enjoy the tea bagging these nuts will give you lol.

  • chimmy

    I’m so sick and tired of the republican party bringing up “Ronald Reagan” in all of their speeches. Even Ronald Regan Jr. hates these bigots, and he’s the son of RR. The stupid are trying to run our country, damn it. I don’t want a sally hoe maker running my country, or state or city. The girl next door doesn’t have the qualifications to be Senator,Govenor,Vice Presidant or President. “I went to Yale” is that what everyone says when running for office? I went to Yale & Harvard,now I’m going to run for govenor! Very very stupid.

  • Rob Moore

    @chimmy: I am sick of hearing about what a great president he was. Even without his lack of response to the AIDS crisis, he was a pretty awful president. He is the one who got so cozy with the bible thumpers in the Christian Coalition. He was the one who introduced massive budget deficits and the Republican Party is ok with that since they now hang it around the Democrats. He is the one who introduced the huge white elephant of Star Wars, which just keeps cycling back. He is the one who first lowered taxes then brought about the largest tax increase in American history when he realized there was no trickle down effect and one has to actually pay for the largest military buildup since World War II. Apparently preparing to invade Grenada took a lot of firepower. He had nothing to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Most of that can be laid at the feet of Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and one reactionary after another as premier. I still refer to the airport in D.C. as just National even though Bob Barr got in renamed when he wasn’t busy introducing articles of impeachment against President Clinton.

    Come November, the inmates will be in charge of the asylum under the Congressional dome, and then the real nightmare begins anew.

  • Clarence J.

    @damon459: While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this country is doomed, because of the Tea Party rhetoric–we have heard far worse things in previous decades and generations–I would echo the statements that it’s people with beliefs like Rand Paul, Christine O’Donnell (maybe not her because she is going to lose), Jim DeMint that gays and lesbians will have a hand in voting into office this upcoming session if they decide to punish the Democrats (who voted to repeal DADT, especially in the House) by staying home this election day and not voting.

    Sure, there are some bad days (or years) with Democrats, but I would surely prefer a reluctant representative than a representative that believes I should not be able to teach in public schools or that my relationship is somehow dangerous for kindergarten students to know about. I’m just saying.

  • Rob Moore

    @Clarence J.: That is the only reason I am voting this year. The alternative is so much worse. Once they have succeeded in taking control of Congress or at least the House of Representatives, do not count on much being done other than one frivolous investigation after another of the White House, perhaps, even attempts to impeach Obama. I get so frustrated with the Democrats and their “strategy” of not hitting the Republican Tea Party hard with all the stupid things they have done in the last two years or that TARP was a Republican thing. Harry Reid is someone for whom I have little regard, but Sharon Angle is mind boggling. If the country hands Congress over to the Republican Tea Party, we will deserve every bit of the shit that will fall from that.

  • Henry

    Just be aware that this new regime will be like nothing we have ever seen before. These Republicans are not the everyday boring variety of the past, they are fire-breathing nutcases that have been on the fringe for years. Now that they are in charge they will be out for blood. And guess who is their number one target? I don’t have to tell you, do I? Let’s just say that any thought of gay rights legislation even in the weakest form will be verbotem for at least a generation. Once they gain full control of all three branches of government in 2012, expect for the marriage amendment to the constitution to be re-introduced and passed along with the nullification of hate crimes legislation and any other form of perceived gay rights support. I would not put it past this country to reintroduce sodomy laws on a federal level. What many have feared for years is actually happening. It is going to make the eighties look like a day in the park.

  • ewe

    Teabagger trash Goal: Dumb down American children!!!

  • reason

    We should let their flock opt out of our education system, then we can happily use ours knowledge to grind them under. We should then keep the education funding for Kentucky the same same, so the people that value government will be able to get the best education that money can by.

  • JOJO

    And we are supposed to sit out this election out so that these nutjobs can run wild?

  • libhomo

    @Brutus: You can always vote Green.

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