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Rapper Taylor Bennett likes guys and girls and he just recorded a whole album about it

Chance The Rapper’s younger brother, Taylor Bennett, made headlines last year when he came out as bisexual. Now, in a new interview with Highsnobiety, he’s opening up about that experience.

The 22-year-old first came out on Twitter back in January 2017.

“Growing up I’ve always felt indifferent about my sexuality & being attracted 2 one sex & today I would like to openly come out to my fans,” he wrote. “I do recognize myself as a bisexual male & do & have always openly supported the gay community & will keep doing so in 2017. #ThankYou”

Reflecting on that experienceBennett says, “I always say that [coming out] was easier for me, because I’m a rapper and I have fans.”

He continues, “I’m doing it for that kid that sits in the classroom, the one that has nobody to talk to and has no friends–that’s who it’s hard for. That’s why I did it, so all those kids can have someone to look into.”

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“When I was a teenager, I felt like there was no place for me, and that’s how a lot of people just feel, period,” Bennett says. “So I just wanted to create a place people could feel comfortable.”

Bennett is currently finishing up work on his new album Be Yourself, which he says it about just that: being oneself.

“I’m writing honestly about my sexuality for the first time,” he says. “Sure, this music is about me as a person. But it’s also so, so much bigger than just me.”

Bennett says he hopes by sharing his story through music he can help others both in the LGBTQ community and the African-American community.

“We’re just now addressing these problems,” he says of society’s growing willingness to engage in dialogue. “It’s not just in the hip-hop community, it’s in the African-American community, and it’s worldwide.”

“I do think a lot of it is coming from the little fires that I’m starting to burn, and from artists like Migos and how they dress, and what they do. That is what’s inspiring the world to be themselves, because that’s what I’m going to do: I’m just going to be myself.”

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