Residents On Edge After Bottomless Man Wearing Woman’s Wig Stalks Through Their Quiet Town

Michael-Dick-Mug-ShotA 53-year-old man by the name of Michael Dick (pictured) was arrested for allegedly putting on a women’s wig, dropping trou, and masturbating in front of innocent residents of a quaint neighborhood in suburban Oregon, KOIN reports.

Last week, police received reports of a strange, middle-aged man pleasuring himself in an area called Trickle Creek. When officers arrived to investigate, they found Dick, who they say matched the description of the offender.

Witnesses claim the naked, wigged man would drive up them in his Chevy S-10 pick-up before jumping out of the vehicle and frantically pleasuring himself.

After arresting the 53-year-old, authorities searched his house where they found evidence — including a Chevy S-10 truck and a wig — linking him to the incidents.

Dick, who is a convicted sex offender, has been charged with three counts of public indecency.

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