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Residents of swanky NYC condos unwittingly bought front row seats to gay cruising grounds

Tenants lucky enough to have landed condos in a million-dollar New York building have quickly discovered the space comes with a secret perk: namely, a panoramic view of Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park, and the various randy escapades taking place in the bushes at all hours of the day.

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DNAinfo reports tenants like Marie Gelot often go to the window to enjoy “the sweeping views of the Birch, Maple and Sweetgum trees,” only to get an eyeful of some of Mother Nature’s more scurrilous manifestations.

“I saw a lot of blowjobs, guys having sex, guys masturbating, I really saw the whole gamut,” she says. She moved out in August — so perhaps the space is currently available.

Since the view is so all-encompassing, cops regularly use the building for sting operations, seeking out all manner of public sexy-times. The 25th Precinct has already made eight arrests for “patronizing prostitution” and seven “public lewdness” arrests this year.

Because they’re professional reporters, DNAinfo paid a visit to the park on a recent evening. This is what they saw: dogs frolicking, kids playing flag football, elderly folks playing chess, and one man giving his friend head.

“This is ridiculous,” says Joseph Manley, who lives near the park on 123rd street. “I tell them to take that shit somewhere else because there are children in the park. The kids see it, the tourists see it, some of them take pictures sometimes.”

Gelot adds that “there were days where I could see a guy giving another guy a blowjob and not far away, a girl reading a newspaper on a sunny day not realizing what was happening 20 feet behind her.”

Queerty will update this story as more information becomes available… probably around 10pm or so.

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  • Sam6969

    What an amazing view! I need to rent this flat, asap^^

    • Record Man

      Let me know if you’ll be needing a roommate.

  • BriBri

    Men are pigs! Thank God!

  • nitejonboy

    I thought that kind of culture died out with the invent of the internet. Guess I was wrong.

    • Jack Meoff

      Dying not dead. It will die out eventually.

    • Crystix

      just like books did with the advent of radio, and radio after tv. You may not be privy where it happens, but its going to happen somewhere.

  • Kangol

    Wow, so for 50+ years men were having sex in Marcus Garvey Park but because the area was mostly working-class and poor Black and Latinx men the residents mostly didn’t care, though the cops did harass people, but now that rich white people move in, they’re complaining. They even got rid of the Mt. Morris Baths up there, wasn’t that enough? Gentrification strikes again!

    • Brian

      Or, it has nothing to do with race and the view from this building is exposing what was a lot more hidden over the past 50 years.

      It’s really not an unreasonable complaint, if I saw lesbians muff diving every time I looked out my window, I’d complain too.

    • jcoberkrom

      They’re not complaining they’re advertising!!!!

  • money718

    Sigh… Let the men enjoy themselves.

    • Jaxton

      Why? It’s a public space. They need to respect it.

  • Brian

    And you guys thought Trump wouldn’t make America great again.

  • Jaxton

    They really need to crack down with gusto on this appalling activity. The aphrodisiac of risk and anonymous encounters needs to be addressed with visits to a psychologist.

    • Crystix


  • Bob LaBlah

    First, the closet that they paid a million bucks for (or got a loan for that amount, shall we say) is either in the basement or on the first floor and I am willing to bet it does not exceed eight-hundred square feet, if that. Imagine paying a million bucks for a studio or efficiency and thats all you got. Even in Harlem the reality of NYC real estate is what it is. Secondly, Harlem is HEAVILY patrolled by the NYPD and it seems hard to believe this type of “cruising” is still going on, even at night. This is not the 1980’s Christopher street pier we’re talking about. This is a renovated area where all it takes is ONE phone call to the police regarding gay men and lewd conduct and the area will be instantly heavily patrolled. A real estate agent for the building had to have contacted Queerty with this knowing the ignorant who might qualify for a loan of that amount will look into the area.

  • dinard38

    I could understand this behavior 50 years ago, but not today. I’ll never understand why dudes would take such an extreme risk just to get off. But they get off on the risk of getting caught. You will NEVER find me in a bush in a park getting head.

    This is a disgusting behavior that needs to stop.

  • phallictomato

    “I saw a lot of blowjobs, guys having sex, guys masturbating, I really saw the whole gamut. She moved out in August”. If she doesn’t want to see it, I’d gladly take her place.

  • Nahald

    I guess those who are stunned or complaining didn’t follow one simple rule when buying real estate, that is: Check out the neighborhood at different times of the day BEFORE you pluck down a deposit.

  • gaym50ish

    They’re just making America gay again.

  • Jaxton

    Most of the men who cruise parks are not gay-identifying. They are usually married guys who find women’s bodies hot but who are deprived of female consent on a regular basis. They are ordinary Joes looking for quick sexual relief.

    It’s partly the fault of women.

    • Jaxton

      Apropos of what I just said, these married men who cruise will find any willing mouth for that relief. The fact that it’s a male mouth is irrelevant. In fact, these married men sometimes prefer male mouths due to the greater muscle strength of the male tongue.

      By the way, I’m not saying that the men’s wives are to blame for the man’s choice to cruise. Women are mostly asexual and so, when they refuse consent, it’s usually because their bodies don’t want it.

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