Richard Simmons’ Daytime Drag: Which Look Is Best?

The Emmys have never been known as a particularly thrilling event, but nothing could have prepared us for the almost unbearable three-hour snoozefest that happened this year. Dare we say the best part of the evening involved someone that wasn’t even in the room?

As you may have heard, America’s favorite fro-toting fitness guru Richard Simmons had a blast with the Emmy nominations this year, tweeting a series of hilarious memes starring himself in drag. This man would take any chance to be seen in a wig and colorful blouse, but honestly, what self-respecting Dance Queen wouldn’t?

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He even did male drag!

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But Emmys night wasn’t Richard’s first time at the drag rodeo. Contrary to what Google Image would like you to believe, this man has been donning tutus and blurring the lines between drag and oh my god what is he doing since the ’80s!

In or out of drag, this man is a national treasure. But which of his drag looks are best? Do you prefer Richard in Planned Drag (above), or casual daytime drag (below)?

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