Daddy issues

Right-wing host calls photo of Biden kissing son “creepy;” Twitter shuts him down perfectly

If you’re casting your ballot for Donald Tump, the candidate who has repeatedly talked about how hot his daughter is, how she’s a “piece of as*”, and how he’d date her if they weren’t related, you should maybe think twice before calling into question Joe Biden‘s relationship with his son.

But that didn’t stop former cop turned right-wing Newsmax TV  host John Cardillo, who posted a photo of Joe Biden kissing his son, Hunter, on the cheek, asking: “Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?”

He followed up that eye-roll inducing question with: “Good morning to everyone except the creepy Bidens and their creepy staged pics.”

Well, Twitter was there to answer Cardillo’s question with a resounding….”yes, looks perfectly appropriate.”

Here’s some of the response it got:

The Trump/Ivanka issue was certainly not lost on other commenters:

And at least one commenter was thankful for the post, but not for the reasons Cardillo hoped:

We hope Cardillo learned something from the response he got, but we won’t hold our breath.