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How risky is your sex life? This fun online survey will tell you.

A new online survey can help calculate just how risky you’re being when it comes to S-E-X.

GMFA is a non-profit based in the U.K. dedicated to improving gay men’s health. It was founded in 1992 and continues to offer a wide range of online resources and educational tools.

The organization’s new “How Risky Am I?” survey helps determine how susceptible you might be to contracting STIs or HIV based on your sexual practices.

“Many of us received little or no sex and relationship education at school, so making an informed choice about our sexual health remains a challenge,” Nick Baker, outreach and communications manager of GMFA, says.

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The survey, which is completely anonymous and only takes a few minutes to complete, asks a series of questions about stuff like how many partners you’ve had over the past 12 months, when was the last time you were tested for HIV, whether you take PrEP, etc.

It then calculates the information. At the end of the quiz, it gives you a score between 0-45 to inform you just where you fall on the “risk scale,” with 0 being the lowest risk and 45 being the highest.

Throughout the quiz, it also offers useful facts about sexual health, related links, and advice about where to get tested, support groups, and other helpful information.

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Honestly, the whole thing is pretty darn handy.

“We hope this will empower gay and bisexual men to be in control of the decisions they make and keep sex as fun as they want it to be,” Baker says.

Take the survey here.