Robinson Not Down With Concessions

Bishop Gene Robinson may not be as famous as Lance Bass, but he’s certainly just as gay. He’s so gay, in fact, that his 2003 ascension as New Hampshire’s Episcopal bishop sparked the controversy that threatens the American churches relationship with the worldwide Anglican communion.

You may recall church leaders met recently in Tanzania, where the conservatives issued a stern warning to the more liberal American sect, insisting that the Yanks must agree not to ordain any more openly gay bishops and must stop blessing same-sex unions. With a deadline set for September 29, America’s presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori implied that the church would comply, at least for a while. Robinson, however – he ain’t having it.

How will we explain this ‘forbearance’ to all those gay and lesbian Christians who have come to the Episcopal Church because, for the first time ever, they have believed that there is a place for them at God’s table, not simply beneath it, hoping for fallen scraps?

Does anyone believe that our full compliance with the primates’ demands, our complete denunciation of our gay and lesbian members or my removal as bishop would make all this go away?

We’re assuming his answer’s “no”.