Rosie V. Trump (Redux)

So many rich and famous adults act like complete children. It’s truly incredible. Case in point: Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump. Apparently Trump used Extra to take some fresh swipes at old O’Donnell’s depression disclosure – namely: poor Rosie’s down from looking at her horrid reflection (as if he’s one to talk).

Always down for a fight, Rosie’s taken to her blog (and senseless poetics) to strike her own blow:

the dump truck is at it again

“she’s depressed from looking in the mirror”

so hurtful 2 know he doesnt find me attractive
as it has been my goal
for so long
to give a balding billionaire a boner

same same same

Is that final line supposed to be a reference to ACT-UP’s old chant, “shame, shame, shame”? If it is, Rosie should be ashamed of herself.

Either way, both these kids need to get a handle on reality and stop beating that dead horse (pictured). And, really, so should we…

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  • Robert

    I admit it. I like Rosie. Is that so wrong?

  • Kelli

    “Same, Same, Same” is what her daughter started saying when she was referring to things being similar. It has NOTHING to do with ACT UP. Do some research.

  • nystudman

    I thought her comments were pretty funny.

  • Martin

    Her comments were hilarious, not shameful! Trump is such a ego-bloated fuckhead.

  • Colletta

    Donald Trump continues to make a fool of himself. Not only has he hurt women struggling with weight issues, now he’s slamming those with depression! Rosie is Rosie… honest, in the moment, open, AND a comedian! What is wrong with The Donald? I can’t even watch The Apprentice anymore. I’m too embarressed for the guy. How did Rosie possibly hit such a deep nerve when Donald belittles people regularly on his show? He should understand show business. For Heaven’s Sake, Learn to take a joke Donald!!!! Quit humiliating yourself!!! Learn to accept a different point of view. You’re not King and you can’t fire civilians! Regain some dignity, man.

  • Beverly

    All of us on anti-depressants unite don’t watch the Dump Truck!! I wonder if Trunp can understand with all his smarts how the drug companies and people who use them are now against hime
    Hope none of his family comes down with it, God forbid!!

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