RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

After the fur settles, Kenya is deemed the winner for no apparent reason. (You could have made a case for anyone) She even named her bear “La Transbear” (pronounced by her as “La Tranzzzz-Pear”), a name which I’m sure offended someone somewhere.

The main challenge is revealed: DILF, or Dads I’d Like to Frock, where our queens will transform their assigned partner into a sister queen. We’ve seen this before with older men (Season 2) and jocks (Season 3), but this is the year of the dad. Yup, actual dads. The five gentlemen introduce themselves and assertively state how many children they’ve fathered.

It’s as awkward as it sounds.

Kenya’s prize from the mini-challenge allows her to assign the DILFS. She takes cues from Phi Phi, doing her best to create difficult pairings, mostly just frustrating Sharon Needles by giving her the burliest one: “He’s too manly to be pretty!”

Coincidentally, I suffer from the exact same problem.

For the main challenge, our girls must dress up their DILFs in “baby-bump realness.” Yup, we’re due for a maternity challenge. And to add a random performance element, they also have to execute a burlesque routine—because pregnancy and stripping are like PB & J..

For this episode, there’s always one question that rarely gets answer: Why? Why do these (as described by Latrice) “burly, truck drivin’ men for real for real” sign up? Sharon’s DILF claims he wants to bring out his inner diva—and maybe that’s reason enough—but I’d still like to hear more justification for why someone would volunteer to have Phi Phi O’Hara boss them around for two days.