Russia Won’t Let Selena Gomez In Because Her Show Is Too Gay

Selena-Gomez---Terry-Richardson-photoshoot-2013--01-e1363386073996Maybe Selena Gomez won’t have to give us an explanation for performing two shows from her “Stars Dance” world tour in Russia after all. According to reports, the 21-year-old pop princess has been denied entry to the country due to speculation that she may be using the concert dates to promote “homosexual propaganda.”

The Moscow Times is reporting that Gomez was forced to cancel two of her Russian tour dates after officials denied the singer’s visa. Following Madonna’s 2012 brush with the law after speaking in support of Russia’s LGBT community and Lady Gaga’s subsequent “sodomy” promotion, the Russian government isn’t taking any chances this time.

The accusations are completely baseless, though. Apparently Russia didn’t get the memo that Selena Gomez only steals ideas from Britney Spears.

Ahead of Gomez’s Russian tour dates, a petition was organized to urge the singer to follow in Madge’s footsteps and promote LGBT rights on stage. “Selena Gomez knows all too well what it’s like to be bullied,” petition organizer John Becker wrote, “and as an international pop star she has a unique platform – and a special obligation – to join other celebrities like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Cher in speaking out against the Russian government’s bullying of LGBT people.”

But Selena’s denied visa doesn’t necessarily mean the Russian government wins this round. On the contrary, Becker says recent Western opposition to the new anti-gay legislation is making Russia “nervous,” and now that the country is “aware of the bruising its reputation has taken in the wake of their anti-gay crackdown,” reform may not be far off.

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  • fagburn

    You’ve checked this story, yes.

    So Elton John’s playing there in December and Selena – whose contibution to the gay struggle is close to zero – has been banned lest she promotes “homosexual propaganda”.

    It might be true, but seems most odd – still this is about Russia and you can get away with publishing any old nonsense now, eh?

  • 2eo

    It does seem to fit in with what Lucas has said about caricature, vapid, vainglorious living stereotypes being fine and putting over the idea that being gay is normal is the idea that is loathed, and religiously persecuted.

    It explains why Russians are fine with people like Elton John and Johnny Weir, people who’ve abandoned our community and willing to sell us out for their own ego.

  • fagburn

    @2eo: Well it’s hard to argue with a towering intellect like Michael Lucas, isn’t it?

    PS Have you any idea how daft that is as an “argument”?

  • 2eo

    @fagburn: You find it daft that I’m bothered about the plight of our community in Russia, well excuse me for giving a damn.

    PS Have you any idea how daft that is as an “argument”?

  • Jamal

    @fagburn: Britney Spears hasn’t made that much more of a contribution either. But they make dance music that gays listen to, that’s the point. You don’t have to move the whole world to show your support. As far as I’m concerned a friend of the gay’s is a friend of mine. That’s probably why Russia is doing this, they don’t want us to have support in any capacity. A sassy dance singing diva would be giving the gays a platform, and they don’t want that sadly.

  • fagburn

    @2eo: Good to hear you care about LGBT Russians – I presume that means you’ll now listen to what they think are the best things we in the west can do to support them.

  • 2eo

    @fagburn: It’s a shame you repeatedly wish to lend credibility to the regime of Putin.

    I can only speculate as to why you feel the people of Russia aren’t worth helping considering the methods I have advocated for are proven to be working.

    Shame you won’t stop writing lousy blog articles to look at the real situation of actual people being tortured.

  • fagburn

    @2eo: I find your self-delusion utterly depressing.

  • Red Meat

    They are obviously using the word synonymous to bad and shit, which is still naughty.

  • bobmister250

    @2eo He obviously meant that assuming that Michael Lucas has anything worth contributing to this discussion is a joke. It’s bizarre that you claim that burn is lending credibility to Putin. How so? My personal recommendation for you is to listen to educated voices to guide your thoughts on important issues and leave pornstars to their work.

  • 2eo

    @bobmister250: Not sure why you signed up a second account for that.

    I am based in reality, and sadly he offers a much better explanation than the outright denial Fagburn is offering. His self loathing and neo conservative dislike of our community is at odds with what his blog claims.


  • 2eo

    Oh, before you judge me as pulling a fast one about Fagburns blog, take a look at his actual blog.

    “Although only an idiot would see one crappy little homemade video as being representative of an entire nation, it is offered up as further evidence that Russia today is exactly like Nazi Germany/Apartheid South Africa (delete as hysterical) – comparisons that are as morally obscene as they are ludicrous – and uniquely evil in how it treats gay people.”

    “They are usually obediently repeated, unquestioned, unchecked – for in the current climate anyone can get away with writing any old bollocks about Russia.
    The credulity of so many people to these media reports is thoroughly depressing, but sadly – as a cursory look through this blog shows – this is endemic to our culture.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to read in the gay media soon that; ‘Putin Eats Gay Banies’, with the usual caveats “allegedley”, “reportedly” etc. ”

    “The latter act is surely the neo-imperial mindset defined – where someone literally ignores the great crimes being committed by their own country, and fumes about those of its power rivals.
    As is the tendency by westerners to think they know best about what to do, while ignoring what LGBT Russians are saying.
    Witness what happens whenever someone on a messageboard points out LGBT Russian groups have asked people not to boycott.
    Simply stating this obvious and important fact can get you compared to a holocaust denier.
    An oft repeated post is some variation on “This is exactly how Hitler Started!” – as preposterous as saying drinking tea will lead to heroin addiction.”

    So now we know fagburn has labelled the people trying to help Russia as morally equal to holocaust deniers I think we know what he is worth.

  • fagburn

    @2eo: CAN YOU READ???

    I wrote that people who have pointed out that Russian LGBT campaigners DO NOT support a boycott have been the ones compared to holocaust deniers.

    You’re making yourself look a bit simple…

  • fagburn

    @2eo: You should have quoted this line;

    “The debate has become so debased – and so many commentators are so indoctrinated, so oblivious to facts – it often seems pointless to enter into any discussion.”

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