WATCH: Ryan Lochte Strips Down To His Speedo For Joan Rivers

Ah, the burden of being a national sports icon. And a nationally-recognized hottie.

Swimming’s golden boy Ryan Lochte paid a visit to E!’s weekly sartorial shadefest, Fashion Police, where the inimitable Joan Rivers prodded the Olympian to strip down to his speedo [Ed. note: it didn’t take much prodding] while she and the crew — including  VERY giddy George Kostsiopoulos (lucky son of a…) — chanted “U.S.A.”

Meanwhile, Giuliana Rancic might as well have ripped off her wedding ring and thrown that sucker into the camera the way she was yelling for Lochte to “Take it off!” Then there’s the hard-to-miss “DAAAAAAAAMN!”

When did Fashion Police become Chippendales? And when can we expect more? Our suggestion: Tom Daley certainly doesn’t have a problem disrobing in public.