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Ryan Murphy reveals his parents tried to “cure” the gay after his junior prom

“If only I would have had this feeling of acceptance and belonging, how different my life would have been. I felt that when we were shooting it. I went to my junior prom and the next day my parents took me to a psychiatrist to cure me. Thankfully, I had a really good shrink, who at the end of our several sessions called my parents in and said, ‘You have a choice here: You can try and change him and lose him, or you can accept him and love him.’ I was very blessed. When I went to my senior prom, I had been through that but I still took a girlfriend because I wasn’t allowed to come in with my fellow. The Prom is very emotional for me, as you can tell.”–Director/producer Ryan Murphy, to The Hollywood Reporter revealing that his parents tried to cure his sexuality. Murphy says his latest outing The Prom about gay high schoolers going to prom together helped him come to terms with his own painful memories of high school.