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School board president’s ‘biggest fear’ is if you tell kids its OK to be gay, they’ll switch teams

A group of parents and school officials from Fresno, CA are in an uproar after being told they have to offer “unbiased and medically accurate sex ed” to students.

To make a long story short: Last year, the California Healthy Youth Act went into effect, requiring middle and high schools teach well-rounded sex ed to students. This includes lessons on STD prevention, sexting, birth control, abortion, abstinence, and, oh yes, gay sex.

Basically, all the stuff one would expect to learn about in a thorough and accurate sex ed class.

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Well, Fresno Unified school board president Brooke Ashjian, a Mormon and strident Trump supporter, is against the new curriculum and says he’s afraid it will turn young, moldable children into raging homosexuals.

My biggest fear in teaching this–which we’re going to do it because it’s the law–but you have kids who are extremely moldable at this stage, and if you start telling them that LGBT is OK and that it’s a way of life, well maybe you just swayed the kid to go that way. It’s so important for parents to teach these Judeo-Christian philosophies.

He added that it’s up to parents, not schools or lawmakers, to teach kids “about morality,” and that all of this is a result of “society going away from church.”

Dr. Steven Fogg, whose children are grown and don’t attend the schools impacted, agrees with Ashjian.

“We are a very conservative community,” he said. “Many of us have similar values in our school systems, and we promote that. That’s why we move here. … The problem is when those with other lifestyles push too far and try to change us  The city of Clovis won’t put up with that.”

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But sex ed teacher Kayla Wilson says people’s concerns are, in a word, B.S.

“Nobody is pro-teens-having-sex, but we don’t talk about it. It’s still taboo,” she said. “When we talk to them about drugs and alcohol, it’s not because we condone it, it’s because we know that they could cause harm. It’s the same thing with sex.”

Wilson said it’s her goal to help students become healthy, well-adjusted adults. This includes teaching them accurate, truthful information about things like sex.

“Sex comes with a great responsibility because it adds heaviness to your relationship,” Wilson said. “I got pregnant at 16, so I get it.”

h/t: Fresno Bee

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  • Paco

    No. They won’t be swayed to switch teams. All of the failed conversion torture inflicted on gays has proven just how difficult it is to alter a person’s sexuality.

    They just don’t want new generations being taught with objective medical facts about the normal wide spectrum of human sexuality.

    You have to be convinced (brain washed during impressionable years), shamed, and socially coerced to be Christian. It doesn’t work that way with sexual identity.

  • Jaxton

    Men are naturally bisexual in their ability. So, yes, it is natural for men to switch teams in different conditions. Why not?

    However, there is a bisexual spectrum – so most men will prefer to form a sexual relationship with either male or female. Nothing wrong with that either.

    Values can also play a role in determining the sex of the person with whom you choose to form a sexual relationship.

    • dwes09

      Your imagination is different from and does not alter reality. There is no indication or evidence at all that “men are naturally bisexual in their spectrum”. There is much more actual evidence (reality) that women are more fluid sexually.

      Your myths are no less silly than the myths of the Christians with which you oddly seem to agree.

    • jamessavik

      the Kinsey study did a good job validating that. The vast majority of men have some same sex experience even if it was only that one time at band camp in 7th grade.

  • amigay

    A guy with a name like Brooke and he’s worried about someone else being gay?

  • amigay

    And second, this is a sex ed class not a morality play. Keep your morals teaching in the home and leave sex ed to the experts. Third, gay is not a “way of life” any more than straight is, but you deep down knew that.

  • jamessavik

    I am reminded of the commercial with the old lady who has heard the terminology of facebook but doesn’t understand what it means. That not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

  • gecko44

    I think you spelled moron incorrectly. There’s no “m” in the middle, and it’s not capitalized. Joking aside, this is a classic case of these people believing homosexuality is a choice. They need to be asked at what age they chose to be heterosexual, and if they know they are essentially saying all people are bisexual, and if you present that being LGBT is okay, they may choose to be gay.

  • Jack Meoff

    If it were that easy to influence a child’s sexuality then there would be no gay people because we were all raised being taught the straight norms and no mention of gay sex in sex ed yet here we are. Do these religious freaks have any idea how stupid they sound when they try to insist that this kind of education can seriously turn people gay. I suppose you have to have an irrational mind to be indoctrinated into believing in make believe gods in the first place.

    • dwes09

      These people actually seem to believe that “the devil” has made gay male sex (they don’t care as much about lesbianism) much more pleasurable than heterosexual intercourse, and that “impressionable youth” can become addicted to it because of that. I have heard Christian sickies say as much both in the media and in person.

  • DCguy

    What happened here is that Brooke Ashjian, the school board president just out himself. If he really thinks that being lgbt is SO attractive that anybody will choose to “Switch” if they know that there is such a thing as lgbts, then that means that the prospect of being lgbt is incredibly attractive to Brook.

    So once again we are dealing with a self hating bigoted closet case Mormon/Trump Supporter.

  • gayand gray

    Just a quick question. Ms. Brook Ashjlan and Dr. Steven Fogg. I guess you have read all of the curriculum on the program. Watched what ever videos that will be shown to the students. So after learning what it means to be gay . How long before you “Switch Sides’? If all it takes is talking about being Gay to turn you, I will save a seat for the two of you at the “Club”. What a load of Religious Bull Hockey .

    • gayand gray

      I called Brook Ashjlan Ms. because I can bet he is a Big Closet Queen. Dr. Fogg, I wonder just what he wants to shove down our throats ? Sorry, feeling very Bitchy today.

  • tony-e

    My first question would be how can Mormons support someone that is supposedly opposite of what they teach about sex (none before marriage, no adultery, etc.)? And if it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach their kids about morality, why the hell are so many teaching their kids to be bullies and bigots in the name of whatever religion they belong to? It’s obvious that Catholic schools aren’t teaching morality judging by pretty much everyone I know that actually went to Catholic school. Sex, drinking, language, drugs, etc., are all at least as much of an issue, and not just recently

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