Scottish Brewer Sends “Protest Beer” To Putin

russian-prime-minister-vladimir-putin-chairing-a-meeting-in-st-petersburg-pic-getty-35869320-187800Okay, Olympic sponsors, listen up. This is how you respond to an oppressive regime.

A brewer in Aberdeenshire (Scotland) has created a beer called “Hello My Name is Vladimir” to protest the Russian Monster-President’s treatment of LGBTs. Half of their profit from sales will go toward charities benefiting “oppressed minorities around the world.”

BrewDog announced the move with a tweed declaring, “Hey Putin! Suck on this.”

Can you imagine if Coke did something like this? Or Canon? Or Visa? It certainly would prove that they mean it when they say that they care about the country’s systematic abuse of LGBTs.

The bottles feature an image of Putin in drag. But don’t worry! It says on the bottles that the beer is “not for gay people” so no homo. You can buy a case online here.

But how does it taste? BrewDog writes, “Flavours of malt sweetness and a touch of acidic berry sharpness combine and give way to an avalanche of lightly toasted, fruity blueberry muffin malitiness, followed by a rush of piney resinous US hops to the sides of palate.” Okay!

And if you’re looking a beer that’s a a little closer to home, you might investigate queer-friendly Hillcrest Brewing Co in San Diego.

In other Aberdeenshire news, an adorable cat has been found in a garage with a microchip indicating that it’s from a small Spanish Island. So if you want to see a photo of a cute mystery cat, go look.