Scout Group Says “Discreet” Gays Are Fine, But Evil Activists Have To Be Kept Out

on my honorA new group of Boy Scout members has formed to encourage the organization to keep its current ban on openly gay scouts and leaders. But Eagle Scout John Stemberger, the founder of, says there are already queers in scouting, and his group is perfectly fine with it.

“They are discreet, they are appropriate, they are private, and they don’t act out in front of kids,” he told Fox News. “What they want is full-blown gay activism in scouting—and that’s what they can’t have under the current policy.”

In a press release, Stemberger writes:

“We support the current policy of Scouting, which is backed by over 100 years of tradition and allows anyone to participate irrespective of sexual orientation, only disallowing the open and aggressive promotion of homosexuality and political agendas.

So keep those limp wrists and swishy hips in check, fellas, and the problem will solve itself!

Stemberger says lifting the ban would devastate the Boy Scouts, which he calls “one of the great jewels of American culture.”

Um, does he know scouting actually started in Great Britain?

“It would be an enormous mistake if they allowed homosexuality in scouting,” he predicted. “They have no idea what these folks really want to do.” 

Many, like Stemberger, who oppose lifting the ban are framing the debate as if its outsiders demanding change. Former U.S. Rep. Dick Schulze recently opined that it was sending a terrible message to young people to “[cave] to peer pressure from Hollywood and political activists.”

Stemberger himself suggested the BSA listen to parents “rather than Madonna and Bill Gates.”

Of course that negates the fact that thousands of Boy Scouts members, parents and alumni are standing up and demanding the ban be lifted. People like Zach Wahls, Jennifer TyrrellRyan Andresen Greg Lattera, and many more.

The call is coming from inside the house, Mr. Stemberger.

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