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Sean Paul Lockhart, AKA Brent Corrigan, Stars In The Chilling “Truth”

Since his indie gay film debut as Sean Paul Lockhart in the Charlie David mystery-drama, Judas Kiss, adult favorite Brent Corrigan has managed to make a new name for himself as a legit actor in a mixed bag of indie features including Sister Mary, Triple Crossed and now, the new romantic chiller, Truth. From the film’s trailer it looks like Lockhart gives a pretty convincing performance. He’s the apparently sweet, yet truly Jekyll-and-Hyde kind of guy who anyone might fall for — in this case writer-director-star Rob Moretti.


As an indie actor Lockhart has been hailed by no less than Variety as showing, “a boyishly magnetic charm that suggests a talent for irony and comedy.” His other legit credits include his cameo in Milk and appearances in The Big Gay Musical and Another Gay Sequel. He’s also starring in (yet another) upcoming gay vampire flick, Kissing Darkness and in (yes, another) gay mystery movie, The Dark Place (with Judas Kiss co-star Timo Descamps) — both coming out later this year.

Fans of the actor’s earlier work (vehicles such as The Porne Ultimatum, Getting Levi’s Johnson and F*** Me Raw — we just couldn’t resist dropping in a few titles) will be happy to hear that Corrigan has also just announced he will be returning to his adult roots and plans to now make both indie and adult films.

Out today on digital (and coming to DVD May 6th), Truth is this week’s Movie of the Week. Watch the trailer above and then rent or download it directly from


Sean Paul Lockhart - Truth

Sean Paul Lockhart