George Burgess And 9 Other Oft-Shirtless Athletes To Follow On Instagram


Gorgeous George Burgess (above left with brother Sam – @samburgess8) really raised the bar, or lowered it depending on your perspective, for male athletes disrobing on social media and in the process an internet star was born. In hopes of seeing others rocking out with their jocks out, we scoured Instagram for the hottest athletes most prone to gratuitous pictures of themselves and least prone to wearing shirts in them. If #selfies was a sport, these would be your all-stars.


Tom Burgess @thomasburgess

Double your pleasure, double your fun with George’s twin brother Tom. Tom’s also a rugby player, but he stays out of trouble proving that he’s the good twin. Unless he just pulled a Parent Trap on the world and he was the real Burgess baring it all.


Tom Daley @tomdaley1994

The world’s debatably sexiest man, Daley basically lives in a speedo. It’s a life choice we fully support.


Robbie Rogers @robbierogers

The openly gay soccer hunk is less likely than Daley to be found bereft of clothing, except maybe by the pool where he favors a more demure look.


Brendon Ayanbadejo @brendon310

One of sportsdom’s most vocal LGBT allies, Ayanbadejo sure ain’t shy when it comes to showing off his ripped physique. Even multiple times in the same photo.


Colin Kaepernick @kaepernick7

The San Francisco 49ers heavily-tattooed quarterback is heavily featured in this year’s ESPN Magazine’s “Bodies We Want” issue, as he is wont to remind you.


Jake Dalton @jake_dalton

We’d tumble for the Olympian bronze medalist (middle) any day, seen here with fellow gymnast Danell Leyva (@danelljleyva).


Thom Evans @te11

The former rugby champ turned underwear model stays in fighting shape since he has to be shirtless for a living nowadays.


Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano

Cristiano rarely wears much to begin with, but his Instagram has been sadly burdened by clothes. We doubt that’ll last much longer, but at least he has photos with World’s Best Hag two years running, Rihanna.


Reggie Bush @reggiebush

You can say a lot about Kim Kardashian’s taste level, but when it comes to exes, she’s got the cream of the crop.