Short Stack: Damn, Edna!

• Even though the gays can marry in Canada, they will not be recognized on this year’s census. Rather than “husband” or “wife,” they’ll have to settle for “other.” We think that is great, since it sums up the feelings we’ve had since adolescence. []

Dame Edna

• Fabulous 72-year-old drag performer Dame Edna punched a photographer this week for getting a little too close to her flawless face. [Digital Spy]

• California is one step closer to outing all the gayest figures in history by requiring recognition of LGBT achievements in textbooks statewide. The bill in question has been approved by committee and is heading to the state Senate. [SFGate]

Vladimir Luxuria, Italy’s new transgender Member of Parliament, is fighting for the right to use the ladies’ room after another MP suggested that a special “trannies only” restroom be created. [Reuters]