Short Stack: Playboy Wants To Play With The Boys

• More perverts in the Catholic Church, this time in Vermont. [Rutland Herald]

gay rainbow Playboy Bunny

• The Playboy company may start creating gay content for television in the UK. This could mean Brits will be able to see two big, tan guys with no pubes pretending to hump each other on a show other than Big Brother. [The Times via GMW]

• The Roxy managed to escape the NYPD during a rash of drug-related shut-downs over the weekend that included Splash Bar, Spirit, and Avalon. [WNBC via Virtual Matter]

• Anti-gay Prime Minister of Australia John Howard says he is not anti-gay, he just thinks homosexuals should not have the same rights as straight people. [365 Gay]

Brokeback Mountain is now banned in the Bahamas. The government cited “extreme homosexuality, nudity and profanity” as the reasons for the action. We agree that the movie was extremely homosexual, but where was the nudity? We definitely could have seen more of Jake. [Washington Blade]