Dazed and confused

How showering with a college wrestling team made singer Tom Goss think he was asexual

Singer Tom Goss may be a rising star in the gay music scene, but that almost didn’t happen.

The Son of A Preacher Man singer recently told The Fight magazine that for a long time he thought he was asexual and was actually considering becoming a priest.

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“I was very late in understanding my sexuality,” Goss, who didn’t come out until after college, said. “I think a big part of me shut off any interest in intimacy after my parent’s divorce.”

He continued, “I remember being in college and not really understanding where everyone’s sexual drive was coming from. I knew I wasn’t attracted to women, but I also spent the majority of my time roughhousing with my wrestling teammates. We hung out together, practiced together and showered together.”

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But being around a group of young, musclebound college wrestlers pumped full of testosterone didn’t have any affect on Goss.

“These were 18–22 year old men, beautiful and with bodies to die for, I didn’t find them attractive either,” he said. “As a result I just assumed I was asexual.”

After college, Goss began training to become a priest at a Catholic Seminary. It was there that he says a classmate helped him realize he was gay… and that he was attracted to hairier, beefier men, not smooth college athletes.

“I was attracted to bears,” he said. “It’s so outside the norm, I just never considered it.”

He continued, “When I entered seminary I had a classmate that fit the mold. We became close friends and it was then that I realized that I was also physically attracted to him. Hooray! It was quite a sigh of relief, I wasn’t asexual at all, I just found bears attractive!”

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Quite a relief, indeed!

Today, 35-year-old Goss is happily married to his husky husband Michael Briggs. A few years ago, he even recorded a song and released a music video paying homage to the men he most admires appropriately titled Bears.