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‘SNL’ welcomes out-lesbian comic Punkie Johnson to the cast

Adding to the current roster of out-queer performers that includes Bowen Yang and Kate McKinnon, lesbian comedienne Punkie Johnson will join the cast of Saturday Night Live this season.

Originally from New Orleans, Johnson made a name for herself in the Los Angeles comedy scene, performing at the fabled stand-up comedy club The Comedy Store. In a refreshing twist, she’s long included the details of her life and relationships as a queer woman.

“It’s about to get real gay in this bitch,” Johnson says in one bit, performed in Chicago in 2018. “You all ready for that sh*t?”

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Johnson’s joining the cast also marks the first time an African-American, openly lesbian has joined the show. Previous cast member Danitra Vance was also an African-American lesbian, but was not out during her time on the show.

In addition to her upcoming work on SNL, Johnson has also had roles in Space Force and Crank Yankers.

The forty-sixth season of SNL debuts on NBC October 3.