So How Did That Protest of Obama at HRC Go?


So, about that protest of Barack Obama speaking at HRC’s dinner on Saturday night. Did anyone show up?

Some 75 people, actually, which is a pretty decent crowd, considering it was gays protesting a gay event. Organized by the Gay Liberation Network and Queer Liberaction, the demonstration had “protesters unfurl[ing] a 25 foot long banner bearing the words, ‘A Chicago Welcome for Obama: Keep your 0#% promises! Repeal DOMA, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’” relays the Washington Blade.

But what we can’t tell from this photo uploaded by “Wespennest” on Flickr is whether Lt. Dan Choi was there with the protesters, or merely getting through them en route to the HRC dinner.


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  • will clemens

    In my oppinion the March was poorly covered by all networks and seemed to fall flat, but maybe I was expecting too much.

  • YellowRanger

    Now why didn’t 20,000 people show up for this instead?

  • Cam

    I live in Washington and saw the Tea Baggers event. This event was several times larger. So why is it they can get around 50,000 people to show up and the News covers it as a “Strong indication of a gigantic national movement” yet we can more than double that and all we hear is “tens of thousands marched for Gay rights”

  • Jeff K.

    Cam – It’s because the liberal media has a conservative bias.

  • InExile

    The mainstream media always seems to try to minimize coverage of lgbt marches and protests. I noticed coverage today but it was just a blip on the screen. The fact is, they are not interested in our issues or rights. Also, most of the media is owned by conservatives since the fairness doctrine was dropped.

  • Qjersey

    Let’s be clear. The entertainment media is liberal. The news media is conservative.

  • uffda

    I applaud CSPANs coverage, but overall the coverage WAS piss poor. Yes, it was a Sunday, but the Teabag march was on the weekend too. One big problem: the mainstream press is part of the establishment. And right now the establishment doesn’t want anything interrupting healthcare reform.

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