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So Let’s Talk About How Glee‘s Blaine Is Definitely Not Bisexual

So, Blaine’s little bisexuality experiment finally arrived. And we can confirm: he’s still gay. Everyone relieved? [Spoilers ahead.]

A drunken game of spin-the-bottle has Rachel smooching Blaine, and their inebriation leads them both to believe there might be a spark there. (It also leads them to duet on “Don’t You Want Me Baby,” below.) Kurt is highly skeptical, and let’s both Rachel and Blaine know — but Blaine thinks, hey, maybe he’s bi, and Kurt of all people should be the last one to judge him and his sexuality. Rachel devises a plan where she’ll kiss Blaine when he’s completely sober, and if there’s no chemistry, then fine. Well guess what? No chemistry. But that’s not a downer for Rachel: She just had a short-lived romance with a gay man, and that’s the perfect experience for a new song. Win for everyone!