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So Let’s Talk About How Glee‘s Blaine Is Definitely Not Bisexual

So, Blaine’s little bisexuality experiment finally arrived. And we can confirm: he’s still gay. Everyone relieved? [Spoilers ahead.]

A drunken game of spin-the-bottle has Rachel smooching Blaine, and their inebriation leads them both to believe there might be a spark there. (It also leads them to duet on “Don’t You Want Me Baby,” below.) Kurt is highly skeptical, and let’s both Rachel and Blaine know — but Blaine thinks, hey, maybe he’s bi, and Kurt of all people should be the last one to judge him and his sexuality. Rachel devises a plan where she’ll kiss Blaine when he’s completely sober, and if there’s no chemistry, then fine. Well guess what? No chemistry. But that’s not a downer for Rachel: She just had a short-lived romance with a gay man, and that’s the perfect experience for a new song. Win for everyone!

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  • Chad

    The kiss was still hot. Fun and tender. Probably second hottest to blue blaze Karofsky vs porcelain Kurt.

    Maybe I just have a kink for illicitness.

  • Spike

    Lets talk about that dress Rachel is wearing!

  • Viral

    @Chad: @Spike: It’s her nighty. Apparently have two dads has done nothing for this girl’s style factor. Bet Bieste has hotter night-clothing X3

    Although does anyone else feel bad for all the bi guys who liked Kurt now that they know he thinks they are all lying, fence-riding closest-cases. Harsh

  • Steve

    @Spike: Let’s not. It’s that hideous.

  • Chad

    re: the dress

    I thought it was a reference to Rachel mentioning that Carole King was her new mentor/idol/thing. That dress reminds me of the late 60s, early 70s. Specifically, the awful frock my mom got married in.

  • Cam

    I actually thought they did a pretty great job with the Human league song.

    Best moment of the season however…..

    After Blaine upset his crush by singing to him at the GAP. They guy comes out and says “Nobody at work knows I’m gay!”

    Kurt in the background…”Can I be honest? Just with the hair….I think they do”


  • jason

    Has Blaine actually ever kissed a guy on Glee? Or is his homosexuality simply a talking point and not a showing point?

  • scott ny'er

    @jason: He’s held a guy’s hand (not his boyfriend’s tho). But, I don’t think he’s kissed a dude yet.

  • Baxter

    It’s sad that this show has turned Kurt into a self-righteous, whiny bitch. He used to be a good character. Now he just plays the gay card whenever he doesn’t get his way and seems to be actively trying to alienate everyone who supports him.

    As for the bisexuality plotline…that was terrible. While I tend to agree with Kurt that a lot of gay men claim to be bisexual as a way of keeping one foot in the closet, I do believe that there are lots of bona fide bisexuals out there. This rapidfire “I might be bi, oh wait I kissed a girl and now I’m gay” plot did them a real disservice. Actually, it did gays a disservice too, because it seemed to back up the argument that so many parents have when their kid comes out: “How do you know your gay if you’ve never even been with a man/woman?” It was just kind of offensive.

    The rest of the episode was pretty awful too. Rachel’s outfit was probably the best/funniest thing about it.

  • Cam

    @jason: said…

    Has Blaine actually ever kissed a guy on Glee? Or is his homosexuality simply a talking point and not a showing point?

    Maybe Blaine is like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”..he’ll do anything….but he DOESN’T kiss on the mouth!

  • Chris

    Not surprising coming from the same show that had two girls making out, only then to have them come out straight by the end of the episode. Sigh, Brittana, how I miss you.

    Also, how kissing is the real test of what you are attracted to, I’ll never know. Get the kid a Playgirl and a Playboy. Much simpler and less singing for all involved.

  • Matthew

    You didn’t do a very good job of putting the spoilers AFTER the spoiler warning.
    I’d appreciate it if you could be a little more careful next time.

  • Tommy Marx

    Easily the worst episode of the series. None of it made any sense. It just seemed like a bunch of random scenes put together as filler.

  • Jon

    @Tommy Marx: Glee is ALWAYS just a bunch of random scenes put together. While it is at times entertaining it has huge continuity issues and holes in every plot.

  • DR

    I’m becoming more and more unimpressed with the show each week. I feel like Ryan Murphy has run into the same issue Heroes ran into with seasons two and three. There isn’t a lot of focus to the show right now. There are too many characters, too many plots, and just too much going on. Characters are being drastically changed form week to week, and a real sense of inconsistency is beginning to develop.

    There are only a couple of episodes left in the season and we’ll see what happens next season, which I’m guessing involves the quest for nationals since there’s no way New Directions will get past regionals this season. I hope Glee survives the sophomore slump it’s currently in…

  • Holy Shit!

    OMG you guys, Glee was offensive, problematic and incohesive! Quelle surprise.

    Wow, what a shitty way to deal with bisexuality. And what a shitty plot arc for Kurt. I have become increasingly bored and irritated with the whole Blaine storyline, but I imagine it won’t be going anywhere soon, seeing the cash cow that DC has become.

  • Former Gleek

    @Baxter: THIS! SFM!
    And the resolve was just so cheesy, simplistic, and stupid. Who knew that one kiss was enough to resolve all of his questions/confusion about his sexuality.

    Honestly, I just hate that they even chose Blaine for this storyline. It just doesn’t make sense. Maybe if it was Santana or Karofsky it would make sense, but seriously?! Blaine?! Did he not question his sexuality BEFORE coming out as a gay man and transfer schools? OH RIGHT, he didn’t, because according to Glee, he made the gay assumption or “decision” “too soon.” Argh! I’m so peeved by this. This episode just made him seem so stupid and ruined what was the original concept of his character.

  • Todd

    Wow…angry bunch of losers turned professional reviewers. Must every moment of progress be vilified by people who sit in their one room apartments lamenting their lonely existence with endless critiques, all the while doing nothing, reaching no one and having virtually no effect on anyone. If you don’t like the show, if it feels like a series of scenes pastiched together, go watch Housewives of New Canaan or whatever entertainment that fulfills your quiet needs.

  • Scott

    @Chris: Sigh, Brittana, how I miss you.

    Actually, according to Santana in this week’s episode it’s not “Brittana”, it’s “Santitney” (which does roll off the tongue better)

  • alan brickman

    she didn’t get all Maggie Gallagher about it!!!

  • trev

    This is the first episode I’ve seen since the pilot. What a stupid show. I’m happy that there’s GLBT representation on TV, but the gay characters were so self-righteous and immature. And that gay to confused/bi to gay storyline was terribly executed. I don’t get the appeal at all.

  • Steve-O

    Loved the episode…

    Initially the thought of Blaine doubting his sexuality didn’t sit well with me, but seeing how it played out I was very happy with how they handled it.

    I myself did experiment with girls after I came out and yes it did reaffirm my sexuality. While I do feel a simple kiss being the linch pinch that decides it for Blaine might have been unrealistic, and the timing being poor after Blaine professed his love to a guy in song at the GAP. I doubt the writers were going to have Blaine experiment and jump into bed with Rachel in just one episode.

    Nevertheless, Glee’s attempt at addressing the misunderstanding of Bisexuality and the the concept of sexuality being a spectrum rather then being black and white i feel sends a good message to both straight and gay viewers.

  • Chris

    @Steve-O: Nevertheless, Glee’s attempt at addressing the misunderstanding of Bisexuality and the the concept of sexuality being a spectrum rather then being black and white i feel sends a good message to both straight and gay viewers.

    When did they do that? Kurt’s biphobia was never directly challenged (He was called jealous and non-accepting at certain points, but no one took issue with his calling bi people gays who are just trying to fit in), and in the end they decided that a kiss could resolve any questioning and safely put Blaine back in the gay camp.

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