Splitsville For Heatherette?

The party seems to be over for club kids-cum-designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains. Rumor has it the boys are shuttering their fashion label, Heathette and heading in different directions.

Sources say Richie Rich is working on a fashion line of his own, to be called Rox and Riley (after his dogs, natch). Rich is also said to want to move to Los Angeles, where he is considering music and TV projects to go with a book about club kids that he is writing.

“Traver [Rains] is a great designer, and he was the one who really held it together,” says a pal. “But he can’t deal with Richie anymore.”

Gossip=monger Ben Widdicombe also points out that the gents have come to the end of a $6 million deal with the Weisfeld group and pulled out of Fashion Week last January.

As if that evidence ain’t damning enough, the company no longer has a publicist. So, if the company’s not dead, it might as well be…

No word on who will get custody of Amanda Lepore.