Splitsville For Heatherette?

The party seems to be over for club kids-cum-designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains. Rumor has it the boys are shuttering their fashion label, Heathette and heading in different directions.

Sources say Richie Rich is working on a fashion line of his own, to be called Rox and Riley (after his dogs, natch). Rich is also said to want to move to Los Angeles, where he is considering music and TV projects to go with a book about club kids that he is writing.

“Traver [Rains] is a great designer, and he was the one who really held it together,” says a pal. “But he can’t deal with Richie anymore.”

Gossip=monger Ben Widdicombe also points out that the gents have come to the end of a $6 million deal with the Weisfeld group and pulled out of Fashion Week last January.

As if that evidence ain’t damning enough, the company no longer has a publicist. So, if the company’s not dead, it might as well be…

No word on who will get custody of Amanda Lepore.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    Did anybody actually, like, buy anything they ever made? Isn’t that kind of the point of designing clothes?

  • FreeMe

    I heard that the pal who said “Travis is a great designer” is really a loyal friend…he is also blind.

    I’m the last person anyone should ask for fashion advice, but those look like clown suits to me.

  • Alan down in Florida

    And we should care about this why?

  • Leo

    A clothing line designed around the tastes of drug addled trannies, drag queens and club kids not finding a wider market? Imagine.

    Tick, tick, tick. 15 minutes are up.

    Next time shoot for a demographic that doesn’t earn all it’s income in cash.

  • dons888

    My first impressions of these guys would be that they are so full of themselves. But contrary to my belief, I actually met them once in the west village while I was walking my dogs. They were all over my dogs playing with them and they were really friendly and nice.

  • HL

    Ahw, I love Heatherette because they never take the clothes seriously.

    My fave ANTM runway was with Heatherette.

  • Butterpantz

    So sad that we even got down this road. It was a joke to begin with and will die as such. Bye Bye leftovers of the 80’s.

  • pickles

    I think they seemed sweet, and super alt for a fashion group to get such generous financing. How great that the freaks (a compliment) got to ride it high for a while. The world needs more kooky peeps that keep things interesting. Nope, I never bought their stuff (sorry) but don’t doubt things will be a little more dull without them.

  • Tee

    This is THERESA WITTMAN I find that not only you few sheep that have little words of exspression,BUT still as time has passed, you stiil need your ART spoon fed to you…Keep GROWING!!!!BAAAA,BBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAA……

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