Beep, beep

Sterling K. Brown strips down to ride a tractor on ‘Ellen’

Toy tractors: Are they sexy? It depends on the context.

Actor Sterling K. Brown — recent Emmy winner and current owner of prominent abdominal muscles — popped by Ellen this week to discuss winning for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (This Is Us) and to hobnob with fellow co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore.

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As is her wont, DeGeneres immediately became elven, pixieish, and very mischievous indeed, luring Brown to doff his shirt and ride around in a toy tractor. The actor obliged, peeling off his clingy top and acting unconvincingly mawkish at having to show off his physique.

Then he commented, “This is tight!,” and tooled around on his scooter to the palpable delight of the crowd. Yurp.