Taste The Rainbow: Chef Whips Up Color-Coded Pride Menu

Here we are, less than a week into Pride Month, and we’re already running out of stuff to slap rainbows on. We’ve got rainbows in crosswalks, rainbows in bus clubs, rainbows in Diablo. It too much?

No, it is not. You can never have too many rainbows. We fucking love rainbows so much we want to stuff our face with them.

And now we can, thanks to a chef at a Quaker boarding house in Boston! He’s posted his Pride Week menu, which starts with red foods on Sunday, then orange foods Monday, yellow Tuesday, and so on.

Here’s what was on the menu Sunday:

Seasoned Bhutanese red rice
Chili (with local pork and veggie sausage)
Red lettuce salad with radishes and tomatoes
Roasted rhubarb compote

Dinner’s $7—a steal! But you will need to call ahead. Now, if you’re excuse us, our face isn’t going to stuff itself.


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  • Kev C

    I like New England.. just not their hippie puritan lesbian sailor food.

  • Atlas

    If anyone else bothered that “Taste the Rainbow” is the slogan of skittles, yet they used a photo of M&Ms for this article?

  • Paul

    LMAO I agree Kev C. I’m sure that this food will be way overpriced too.

    Color coding foods for pride is silly but I’m sure some rich gay or lesbian person will just love it and actually buy the overpriced meals.

  • Brandon

    Yes it is odd how they used M&M candy for the photo yet used the slogan for Skittles candy.

  • Zach Alexander

    @Paul: The food is primarily for my housemates (the residents of the boarding house), who find the whole thing fun. We’re not expecting any “rich gay or lesbian persons” to come by :)

  • Amy

    @Paul: Did you not notice that it says dinner is only $7?

  • Kev C

    It reminds me of being a child and not wanting all those vegetables. Kevin, eat your brocolli-turnip-cauliflower-squash souffle. We picked it this morning.

    Hey kids, how about some pizza?
    Smothered in garden vegetables!

  • Codswallop

    “Hippie Puritan Lesbian Sailor Food”?

    LOL! Great description. At least “Nutloaf,” a mainstay of the Michigan Womyn’s[sic] Music Festival, is nowhere in evidence.

  • Okama

    @Paul: As someone from New England, I’d usually whole-heartedly agree with you about the egregious over-pricing, except for the fact that the price of dinner is given in the article as $7–which is not over-priced by any stretch of the imagination, as far as I can tell. Feel free to tell me otherwise, though.

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