‘Stranger Things’ Renewed For Season 2 — What’s To Become Of Barb?


It’s official: Stranger Things is getting a second season.

It’s coming sometime in 2017, and this time it’ll be 9 episodes instead of 8.

There’s very little we know about the second season, aside from the fact that it’s basically just Fuller House with a different atmosphere. “In the fall of 1984… the adventure continues,” says the trailer. That means we can probably look forward to lots more cultural references, and also more nostalgia from Gen-Xers who, unbearably, had happy childhoods.

The series creators have hinted that they may continue the story that ended with an abrupt slug cough-up. With any luck, maybe Barb will be replaced by someone who is actually capable of accomplishing something.

“There’s a bigger mythology, and there’s a lot of dangling threads at the end. We could explore it if Netflix wanted to continue,” said one showrunner, joined by another who added, “It’s about giving enough so the audience feels satisfied.”

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