Super Bowl Sunday Sees David Beckham In His Undies, Elton John As Pepsi King

While Madonna is going to gay up the Super Bowl half-time show, here are two more reasons for queers to watch the year’s biggest football game:

First up, David Beckham will be posing in underwear from the line he collaborated with H&M on. It’s not as sexy as some of his past ads (here’s a slideshow of bulges past), but it’s still worth checking out in the video above. (Start at the 55-second mark if you just want to see the ad.)

Next up is Elton John in a ridiculous king outfit, shilling Pepsi to the masses. In the ad, the pop-music legend holds court while X Factor winner Melanie Amaro serenades him with an extremely gay dance remix of “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” Well there’s one thing Sir Elton has on Madonna (besides the whole royal title thing): Her Pepsi ad from way back in 1989 was pulled before it ever ran.

Below is a making-of clip from Elton’s commercial.