Taiwan Living Out The Gay Cowboy Dream

Taiwanese gay cowboy-wannabes can purchase a 9-day tour of the beautiful Canadian locales featured throughout Brokeback Mountain, a package perhaps inspired by the Lord Of The Rings trips that are currently making New Zealand the richest country on the planet. The $2,340 tour (that’s 75,900 New Taiwan dollars) includes a visit to Kananaskis Country provincial parkland, Fort Macleod, Blackie and Crossfield in Alberta; as well as a “Rocky Mountain nature adventure,” with horse-riding, visits to national parks, hot springs and glaciers, and a stop on scenic Vancouver Island (birthplace of Pamela Anderson, who could almost make us go straight). No word on whether or not the trip includes any skinny-dipping, but we’re certain you could sneak in a dip or two somewhere.

Couples who tell the travel agency they’re gay and wish to share the same bed will receive an additional NT$5,000 discount (about $150, right?). Couples who choose to sleep in a tent get the whole trip for free, as long as they keep a light on inside so everyone can see what they’re doing.

[Thanks Taipei Kid]

Brokeback fever is out, and Taiwan feels the heat
[Taipei Times]