Target Legally Declares Love For Gays In Court Documents Supporting LGBT Rights

target122713Determined to clean up its image as a fence-straddler on LGBT rights, the Target corporation has come out in full support of same-sex marriage in Wisconsin, signing an amicus brief to the US Seventh District Court that strongly favors a repeal of the state’s current ban on same-sex marriage.

Target, the second-largest discount retailer in North America behind Walmart, joins Starbucks, Intel and Apple as the latest megacorporation to flex its muscle in the fight for marriage equality.

From the company’s headquarters in Minneapolis, Executive Vice President Jodee Kozlak announced the news in an official blog post on the company’s website. It reads in part:

It is in that same spirit that, this week, Target joined several other national companies to sign on to an amicus brief in support of marriage equality. The brief is currently pending in the Seventh Circuit.

As our leadership team discussed signing on, we took time to consider the bigger questions at hand. This brief is important, as the issues it addresses have significant impact on businesses. But it is more than that and we agreed that now is the right time to more directly share our views on this issue.

It is our belief that everyone should be treated equally under the law, and that includes rights we believe individuals should have related to marriage.

We believe that everyone – all of our team members and our guests – deserve to be treated equally. And at Target we are proud to support the LGBT community.

Target’s home state of Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage in May 2013. The filing of the above brief in Wisconsin comes after state officials pumped the breaks on marriage equality earlier this month to debate how much longer they can hold out their bigotry.

If history has taught us anything, it won’t be much longer.

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