Minnesota Becomes 12th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

minnesota-gay-marriageMay the gaying of the Midwest begin. Today, the Minnesota Senate gave final approval to a bill making it the 12th state — the third in the past 11 days — to legalize same-sex marriage with a vote of 37-30.

The North Star State joins Iowa in being the only state to recognize gay marriage in the region. Looks like someone’s jealous of New England.

Minnesota has made leaps and bounds in the last few months, thanks in part to a dramatically different state legislature. Two years ago, Republicans controlled both chambers and bypassed the governor to propose a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. In an historical popular vote, Minnesota became the first state to defeat an anti-gay marriage ballot initiative.

Since then, lawmakers, activists and everyday Minnesotans have used the momentum to arrive at today’s vote in the Senate, where Democrats hold a 39-28 majority. However, the House of Representatives passed the bill last week, surpassing the 68 votes it needed thanks to bipartisan support.

The bill now goes to Governor Mark Dayton, who will sign it into law during a ceremony tomorrow at 5 p.m. The law will take effect August 1.

Photo: Minnesotans United for All Families Facebook Page

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  • ZeeZee

    Awesome. 38 to go. And unless there is such a thing as ‘half state’, that’s a quarter of the US of A. #inthemoodformath

  • ryanthehulk

    Today is a good day to be Minnesotan.

  • estemonte

    @ZeeZee: DC is kinda like a half state, so yeah, that’s a quarter of the USA.

  • Sweet Boy

    Bring in the lutefisk and the surstromming !!!!!

    Woo Hoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    I can well imagine NOM and the irreligious right wing conservatives are going through the Depends like water through a submarine screen door right now… 3 states in less than two weeks??? Most of the AFA, FoF, et al, workers are probably looking for new jobs, having spent millions and millions of dollars… for WHAT??? Defeat and failure, unnngh! Big hugs and congratulations to Minnesotans and Governor Dayton for progressing beyond the call of duty!
    Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain

  • Geoff B

    Good job Minnesota! About damn time Michele Bachman wasn’t the only person in that state to be able to be married to a gay man.

  • FStratford

    Woo hooo!

    Oregon, New Jersey, Nevada and Ohio are next!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Geoff B: LOLOL… thanks for my last giggle for the day! Good one!

  • Caleb in SC

    @Geoff B: Hahahahah! When I heard about this, I thought the same thing!

  • Geoff B

    FStratford, I hope you’re wrong. In Illinois, the Senate approved it months ago and word is the House is waiting on 1 or 2 votes. The governor wants it passed before they adjourn and with a couple Repubs already on board, we could get this done if a couple Democrats would change their mind. We only hae two weeks before the General Assembly adjourns. Hopefully this gets done.

  • Curty

    Wow.. wow.. I remember being this lonely kid in highschool just ten years ago with a secret I dare sure I would have not mentioned. Only me and my first Boyfriend knew. We both played denied when asked or hid oursleves very well when we could in private. IF I only knew what would happen then as I do now. It was just ten some years ago, there was no gay marriage in U.S. then it was still ok to make all kinds of gay jokes without people protesting it or saying its wrong to bully gays, gay young people like myself. And to have all of this? Third in 11 days? I tell you maybe I would’ve been more open and not as stressed as I was then as a 16 year old kid. At 27 still very much a young person, to see the change what has happened since those lonely days as a closeted teen. It’s amazing. wow.

  • queerty1958

    That is great news! And since batshit Rep. Michelle Bachmann is from Minnesota, I hope it pisses her off so much that she goes into shock and it affects her vocal cords so she stops talking her absurd bullshit!

  • technicolornina

    @Curty: As a 24-year-old who went through the same thing and even tried to commit suicide when lots of prayer didn’t make her straight (funny how that works, isn’t it?), I agree. Election Night 2012 I sobbed as the good news started rolling in. I have two nieces and would love to never, ever have to explain to either of them that Aunt Nina can’t get married because we live in Texas/DOMA exists. More and more, it looks like that future might be on the horizon–one where I can just say “I’m marrying Jane, would you girls be my bridesmaids?”

    I can’t wait.

  • daniwitz13

    It’s kind of sad to imagine that a simple loose wired Orientation can get this far. That a Formula that is not instrumental for our existence and non-existent to the Future can garner so much support. Gays comes from the Male/Female Formula, depends on that Formula, enjoys everything from that Formula, will add no participants in the Future, Depend on the “other” Formula to do it then turn around and say that they are as great as and equal to the ones that made them. Something is wrong with this picture, but the majority are either blind or blind sided. Can’t say which or both. Pity.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @daniwitz13: Well, Sweetcheeks, we’ll cry you your self-appointed river. Too bad your parents created such a flub-up! Pity!

  • technicolornina

    @daniwitz13: “a formula not instrumental for our existence” . . . and yet here you sit, on the internet.

    Do you also condemn people who dye their hair?

    Talk to my ass, ’cause my face ain’t listening.

  • EGO

    That’s more like it! Welcome to equality Minnesotans!

  • EGO

    @daniwitz13: It is a pity that you refuse to join us in the 21st century where science is proving the myths of the dark ages to be wrong. Perhaps the loose wire that you mention is in your head and prevents you from learning.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @EGO: Bravo, EGO! Poor daniboy can’t understand you because your advice goes in his one ear and right out the other… nothing in between the ears to stop it. Pity!

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