Ted Allen Announces Engagement, Excited That’s It’s Finally “The Real Deal”

ted-allen-300Ted Allen is just one of many celebrities who decided to tie the knot this week after the death of DOMA. The 48-year-old Chopped star told People that even though he and his partner Barry Rice have been together for 20 years, they tabled marriage until they “could get the real deal.”

“I announced it online, and have had hundreds of responses, virtually 100% supportive—incredibly exciting,” he said. “A great, great day for our country.”

He continued:

“We have been elated with every state that went for marriage equality, including our home state of New York. But we’ve also felt for a long time that we weren’t that interested in getting married until we could get the real deal – the same rights, the same protections, the same status and privileges as straight couples at the federal level.”

“[We wanted] Social Security survivor rights, estate rights, the right to visit one another in a hospital room – in a word, you know, equality.”

Congratulations, Ted! We wish you well with the wedding plans, but do us one favor. Please don’t let Carson Kressley put you in a zebra print V-neck on the altar.

[Photo: People]