cruzin' for a bruisin'

Ted Cruz is once again getting hit with his own idiotic logic-and a flying White Claw

Public humiliation enthusiast Ted Cruz was videoed at Monday’s Astros World Series Parade being pelted with boos — and booze.

The senator rode through Houston, his state’s largest city, to a cacophony of booing and middle fingers. This average Cruz welcome wagon took an unexpected turn when a crowd member decided to share their drink in a less-than-friendly way.

Turns out White Claws are incredibly aerodynamic:

We can’t endorse violence, but with Cruz’s constant violent rhetoric against queer folks, gun violence survivors, and women’s rights, it’s not the most surprising outcome.

The can doesn’t seem to have made any significant contact, being batted out of the way by the senator and his guard. Still, Cruz and Houston police quickly had the man who threw the can arrested.

If Steve Lacy can get knocked with a camera mid-show and keep playing, Cruz will probably survive.

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Cruz recently helped propagate that homophobic conspiracy theory around Paul Pelosi’s assault, in which far-right weirdos cooked up a story of assailant David DePape being a gay prostitute he’d hired.

Even with transcripts of DePape saying he went specifically to harm Paul’s wife, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Cruz put forth that “none of us will ever know for sure” what happened.

Naturally, Matt Walsh is involved in spreading it too:

Now, folks on social media are sarcastically using that same awful logic against him:

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Some are also comparing this incident to how someone on the left handled the same situation.

When a Trumper threw a full can at comedian Ariel Elias mid-set last month, she chugged it like a champ:

Not everyone can be that cool, though.

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