‘Teddys, raisins & son-in-laws’: Chappy users share their favorite pick-up lines from the app

Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?

It may sound corny as a come-on, but it works. It is one of the many pick-up lines Chappy users relied upon to spark up a conversation–and maybe even snag that elusive date with the cute guy whose profile they have been admiring.

And it’s so much more effective than the Sup?, Hey, Looking or Into?–tired quips to dominate the messaging on dating app, words so overused that recipients ignore them or thinking to themselves, That’s the best he can do?

There are so many ways of connecting and meeting people nowadays, whether it’s out in public, on a dating site or through your DMs that you need to distinguish yourself just a little bit. People turn to pick-up lines to break the ice, maybe get a LOL in return, and spark up a chat.

We asked Chappy users–who choose to remain anonymous–to show us screenshots of their favorite pick-up lines from the app.

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From funny to cute, here they are for your dating pleasure. 


*Goes in front of hallway mirror and flexes muscles


*Answers honestly, and realizes he wasn’t talking about the fruit??


*Orders soccer jersey online and visits YouTube for a tutorial on how to play soccer


*Looks under the bed for a yearbook and frantically shifts through portraits line by line


*Immediately starts to feel sick and remembers cuddling isn’t his thing


*Googles the difference between a cappuccino and latte


*Goes into kitchen and dusts off cookbooks


*Screaming because he’s finally matched with his crush


*Looks down and realizes he’s been wearing the same wine-stained sweatpants for 5 days in a row


*Takes a deep breath and thinks “oof, original”?? but responds, “OMG, so (c)happy we matched too!??

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