Thad’s Pads

Thad Hayes

When it comes to interior design, we usually go for an the ultra-modern downtown look, but when we see a designer that can pull off a tailored traditional look and not come across as looking like our grandma’s dream home, we’re all over him.

Meet Thad Hayes. Mr. Hayes’s designs have been featured in just about every damn issue of Architectural Digest, the mag’s almost become a walking advertisement for the man. We see why, though: his look is like a fine Armani suit: no matter who you are, or where you’re at in life, you’re gonna’ look good in one. Sophisticated without being stuffy; hip without being pretentious, and subtle while all the while silently screaming to your dinner guests “I am so much richer than you!”

Oh, and we are so moving into the master bedroom of that “fifth avenue residence” under the “portfolio” section as soon Queerty goes public, or the owners forget to lock their doors. Whichever comes first.

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