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  • marco


    pretty neato blaspheming though ;)

  • Winter

    I loled.

    Damn, now I want to watch that ballroom episode w/Rose.

  • Michael

    While Blanche/Dorothy and Rose just look like bad transvestites. Sophia looks like a demon. I don’t know if that was the guy who’s face they transposed or the technology they used. It didn’t help when they were “playing” drums. All in all amusing, frightening, and inspired.

  • Me

    The Golden Girls Rock! That said, this video is the only thing that will get this altogether unforgetable, destined to be lost in the soundtrack to some equally unforgetable teen movie song any attention whatsoever. Now that I think of it, the Golden Girls AND the Gilmore Girls rock! Both G.G. Hmmm…

  • retrofit71

    awesome post! AND on an unrelated, I thought you guys were gonna redesign the horrible re-design.. guess that ain’t happenin any time soon.. is it templated, loos exactly like hmm..

  • Michael vdB


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