Thanks to millennials, Trump’s approval ratings are worse than any president in over 70 years

How much do people dislike Donald Trump? (Hint: A lot!)

A new Gallup poll released yesterday found that Donald’s approve ratings have sunk to a new low, not just for him, but in the 70+ year history of Gallup polling.

1,500 Americans were asked how they felt about the job Trump was doing. A paltry 37% say they approve of his job performance, compared to 58% who disapprove. That’s an eight-point drop from where he was nine days earlier, when his approval rating was hovering at 45%. Sad!

Even sadder, Barack Obama’s rating at this point in his presidency was 60%.

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Oh, but the bad news doesn’t stop there. Because Gallup says Trump’s approval rating is lower than any other president at this point in his first term since it first started tracking these numbers 72 years ago way back when Harry Truman was in office.

On top of that, a new GenForward poll found Trump is doing even worse among millennials. A pathetic 22% of people ages 18-3o say they approve of his job performance, 15 points lower than the Gallup poll. And 57% say they consider him an “illegitimate” leader.

To add insult to injury, he does even worse among African American and Latino millennials, who disapprove of his job performance at a rate of 71% and 72%, respectively.

Not only does this signal trouble for #45, but it’s not a great sign for Republicans, in general. It’s going to be very difficult for them to retain power for very much longer when the standard bearer of their party is doing so poorly among the next generation of voters and political leaders.

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Trump is obviously angered about all these numbers. We know because he tweeted about them at 7:35 this morning, claiming it’s all a bunch of “fake news”:

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  • whatevz

    paging Mo Bro to come to the 70 year old greedy lying racist woman-hating bigoted polluting Russian loving fake christian poop stain’s defense…

    • Mo Bro

      With a statement as eloquent and dignified as that, I might just have to abandon my principles and join your campaign of unbridled hatred against the president (ps – the terms “70-year-old, greedy, lying, bigoted, polluting & fake christian” all perfectly describe Hillary, which made me smile).

    • Giancarlo85

      MoBot, how is the FBI investigation going? Trump used to love the FBI. And how about prosecuting Hillary? Lol… Turns out your little man is in hot water now. Trump will be lucky to escape from this.

      Even his own allies are abandoning him. This is worse that Watergate. Several active investigations are already proceeding and since republicans only hold a razor thin margin in Congress, they are not in a position to obstruct. Republicans from swing states may be forced to proceed with an investigation and likely impeachment.

  • Tim Winfred

    If only low approval ratings were enough to get him kicked out of office!

    • Gary_Gans

      Lying & breaking the Law does. Looking forward to watching him get kicked out of the White House. At this rate he could be out by Summer! He never tells the truth, and being a Traitor to the Constitution and his Country will see things change faster than you think. I have only seen children lie like this. He blames Obama, and then Clinton, and then the CIA, and then GMHQ, and now the FBI are now investigating him, and with the line-up of Criminals in his Staff it will come to a point that even his strongest supporters will walk away from him out of disgust and shame. He can barely keep up with his lies, so he makes new ones!

      He has a Neo-Nazi Hungarian known for his anti-semitic and Supremacist tone as one adviser. Another has been pressing White Supremacists, the KKK, Neo Nazis, and Foreign Agents that are doing everything that they can to destroy America’s Leadership in the World. And another that never answers questions but pivots on bs issues regarding Hillary or Obama. This is a far more dangerous than Watergate because he requested in front of his supporters and the World’s Media for help from the Russia’s Hackers; he has a Cabinet that are so close to Putin that they might as well sleep with him; and then there are the deniers. When you accuse someone of wiretapping Trump Tower there’s something not well with this child, and he’s handed over the Presidency to the most destructive group of professional liars, Conspiracy Theorists, and Climate Change deniers.

      That’s when you know there’s an Opiate Addiction Issue in America! Great. Heroin and Military Assault Rifles work so well together. This group are so intent on creating a huge global war by using Lies and Prejudice. From this point until that Regime are out I would question any huge incident to be staged in order to use it as a platform for increasing the Military and declaring Martial Law. If you think that it crazy read your HIstory books. It would not be the first time this has happened.

    • Giancarlo85

      Luckily I still (with maybe a bit of optimism) believe that the legal and constitution will prevent from Trump for declaring martial law. His own party is turning on him and he may not last much longer.

    • Giancarlo85

      *legal system

    • Herman75

      So maybe our battle cry at the protest march can begin with YOU SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK YOU SUCK

    • gaym50ish

      Be careful what you wish for. We could get homophobe Mike Pence as president.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      Neil Gorsuch and NOM’s, Robert P. George had a mentor at Oxford, John Finnis, who was a total homophobe, reducing us to animals.


      Then we have Justice Samuel Alito telling the Catholic (Advocati Christi) “But the most important fight is for the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans. It is up to all of us to evangelize our fellow Americans about the issue of religious freedom.”


      We are burdened by their adamantly held beliefs. Justice Alito must recuse himself from our cases.
      The Supreme Court, compromised by these religious oppressors, is making a mockery of our justice system. I do not want to be burdened by another’s beliefs.

  • NateOcean

    In a previous poll, Trump’s support among blacks was only 3%, yet the margin-of-error was 5%.

    So, potentially, an entire generation of black folks, yet to be born, hate the guy in advance.

  • Jack Meoff

    Laughing at Trump’s tweet “Much higher ratings at Fox”. Well of course Fox are going to report more favourable ratings. It’s what they do.

    • Giancarlo85

      Lulz much higher ratings at Fox.

      He is -8% there.


      Not much to write home about.

      And the FBI announcing a full blown investigation won’t allow MoBit from smiling. Dummy can only yap on about Hillary. Of course the pursuit of justice and facts is unbridled hatred lmao.

      MoBit… Get your head out of the clouds.

    • mhoffman953

      @JackMeoff I think he’s talking TV ratings and not approval ratings in that tweet when he bashes CNN. He’s saying more people watch FOX news every week than CNN

    • Giancarlo85

      Hoffman.. Full of deflections as always.

      Bad day huh?

    • mhoffman953

      @Giancarlo85 How am I deflecting? I’m referencing what the author of this post wrote when he added that tweet to this blog post. And I’m having a great day by the way

    • Giancarlo85

      You must be having a horrible day. Your man is going down like the Hindenburg… or more like the Trumtantic.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      There are entire swaths of the country where only Faux News is available. Up in the mountains, I had called our piddly cable company (I googled it, and it looked like a one-room shack from the gold rush era) to see if MSNBC and CNN were available and the answer was, “No.” This has to change.

    • Giancarlo85

      Oh and Senators McCain, Collins and several others may be the first to torch this administration. Trump insulted McCain in a serious way.

      Hoffyboy and MoBit need to just vanish at this point. What is going to go down will prove direct collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

    • Gary_Gans

      I watched it and was completely gob-smacked by what we were able to hear publicly! Can you imagine how much WORSE these fools are that we are not permitted to see because it has not been declassified? The “Golden Shower” Dossier? Fact. Putin’s assistance? Fact. Most of his Cabinet has ties to Putin directly or to his fellow Oligarchs? Fact. Taking anywhere from 25-40% of people with insurance off of it, and virtually shutting down Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, with Co-Pays that will make you homeless is a given. Even Pence placed his finger on cutting PReP funding. I wonder why.

      This is 100% #45’s accountability, and he doesn’t care, as long as he has supporters like MoBit and that ilk on here.

  • Neonegro

    I am Ok with Trump out.

    We would have a real conservative in Mike Pence who will fight the homo agenda. The new supreme court nominee does not believe in a right to abortion.

    Either way, crying gays and radical feminists are in for a rough ride.

    • Giancarlo85

      No. Pence is implicated too as is the entire campaign and administration. You won’t get anything you want in the end, besides a shellacking in the 2018 midterms. Besides you don’t have enough seats in Congress anyways.

      We may wind up Paul Ryan and he is completely spineless against Democrats.

      This is so severe new elections may have to be called. Unprecedented, but not impossible.

    • Giancarlo85

      BTW, watch your tongue. In the end you will be the one crying. Your party will be running scared after what breaks.

      Also piss off. Your bigotry is not wanted here.

    • Gary_Gans

      Ha! Good one, Mr Bachmann. Pence is in on this as well, and he’s going to go the way of Spiro Agnew. He was VP and had to resign because he was part of Nixon’s illegal activities. Pence had six weeks that he know about Flynn’s deception but didn’t say a word until the NY Times brought it out. He’s not going to be #46. He will probably have “INMATE” stamped on the back of his wardrobe, opting for the bottom bunk at the Prison. Sorry to soften your stiffy.

      Which begs to ask: WHY ARE YOU HERE? This gay man doesn’t cry. I have no problem fighting your Agenda. Check yourself, and your boyfriend, too, Mister Down Low.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      ahg! Then, Paul Ryan, the serf, will be president?

    • Neonegro

      Calm down Giancarlo85 aka Carmen Miranda.

      Your hysterical girly cries are not scaring anyone.

  • natekerchel

    The first thing is that Trump is not a Republican in the sense that Bush or McCain or those people are. Trump is first and foremost a businessman who will use whatever opportunity arises to exploit the situation and make even more money for himself. The Republican ’cause’ just happened to be the best opportunity for him at the time. It is only a few months ago that the leadership of the Republican party disowned the odious creature. They work with him at the moment because it is to their advantage. But as they begin to believe that he is damaging their electoral prospects they will turn on him once again. Trump is the best example of ‘angry old white man’ syndrome. Their power base, right to discriminate at will, has been taken away from them. The people they despise are flexing their political muscle and pushing for full equality. For hundreds of years they have enjoyed total control over the economic, social and political world they inhabit. The anger comes from seeing that world collapse. They retreat into a world of delusion and try to fight back. Trump is the last serious fight back from the dinosaurs. The problem for him is that people who are as desperate as him throw caution to the wind and break laws.
    Mass delusional behaviour is another psychiatric condition – there are many sufferers on here – Neonegro, mhoffman, Mo Bro et al.
    In the early 1970’s we had another President who behaved like a seasoned criminal. Just recently I again listened to some of the White House tapes. I could have been listening to trump – paranoia, lies, delusion, cover up, criminal activities.
    More and more people are realising trump has no political legitimacy. Even he knows that and it is why he constantly claims that he popular vote was somehow rigged. He is desperate to be seen as a legitimate President. He is not – at least not in the way that matters – in the mind and hearts of the majority of Americans, not to mention the rest of the world.

    • Giancarlo85

      The election was fixed, millions were kicked off voting rolls in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Not a laughing matter. Trump stole the election and directly colluded with the Russians. It is now proven.

    • mhoffman953

      @Giancarlo85 How do you know that all 100% of people kicked off of voter rolls were going to vote for Hillary? Also the people kicked off of voter rolls were people who couldn’t verify their identity regarding voter ID laws or couldn’t verify their address. One state where new voter ID laws were added was Virginia, Hillary Clinton won this state. I’m wondering what evidence you have to prove there is a direct correlation between voter ID laws and voting patterns?

      Millions get kicked off of voting rolls all the time. This happened in 2008 and 2012, both elections where Obama won. I’m not seeing the correlation here.

      Also, you state Trump “directly colluded with the Russian”, the person who you are responding to, natekerchel, says that there wasn’t direct collusion.

    • Giancarlo85

      This moron, hoffman, is still replying to me? He’s making up crap now. Voter ID laws are voter suppression laws where they want even more forms of ID. Funny how this crap targets the poor and working class.

      Hillary won Virginia because there were enough people with their brains in Fairfax county. Either way a lot of the rest of the state is hickville.

      You’re a lying loser, and you are a gay republican. You are not worth a dignifed response and it is obvious you’re on here trolling.

    • Giancarlo85

      BTW, it is now established there was clear and direct collusion. Today’s hearing is enough to conclude that. When your man ends up in prison don’t come crying to me.

    • mhoffman953

      @Giancarlo85 When you state “it is now established there was clear and direct collusion”, that is according to who?

      The FBI has been investigating possible collusion since July and hasn’t found any connections. The former head of DNI, James Clapper, has also said there is no connection or direct collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia

    • Giancarlo85

      “The FBI has been investigating possible collusion since July and hasn’t found any connections. The former head of DNI, James Clapper, has also said there is no connection or direct collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia”

      You’re not paying attention and you didn’t pay attention today what exactly happened. You are making things up. And hasn’t found any connections? According to who? You? Oh right… I should take your word for it. You’re a TRUMP SUPPORTER. You HAVE NO credibility.

      And James Clapper has been out of the loop for far too long.

    • mhoffman953

      @Giancarlo85 Did you seriously say “James Clapper has been out of the loop for far too long” HAHAHA

      You are aware that he has been the Director of National Intelligence from August 9, 2010 until January 20, 2017, right? So holding a position until January 2017 now makes someone out of the loop for far too long?

  • mhoffman953

    In fairness, it was clear that whoever won the 2016 election would have record low approval ratings during their first few weeks in office because of the strong divide in the country.

    However, some polls have Trump’s approval ratings higher. Approval ratings aren’t entirely a measure of a President’s success. For example, George W. Bush’s highest approval rating was a 90% and lowest was a 25%, Obama’s highest approval rating was a 69% and lowest was a 38%. The true measure of a President’s success is the long term effect of his policies.

    We’ve already seen how accurate “polls” were in the past election when they predicted Hillary Clinton would win PA, MI, WI, NC, FL and supposedly had a chance in Texas.

    • Giancarlo85

      National polling was actually correct and spot on. Hillary won approximately by the RCP average. She won the national vote by 2.5% or nearly 3 million. So you have anymore bullsh*t you want to spout off? State polling in the US didn’t take into account how many people were kicked off voting rolls and all results were within the polling margin of errors regardless in those states.

      BTW, polling is back to near complete accuracy after the spot on prediction in Holland.

    • Giancarlo85

      and Trumps long term effects would be disastrous. Obama left with a 60% approval ratings. So quiet down BS master.

    • mhoffman953

      @Giancarlo85 National polls focus on the electoral college as they know that is how a President is determined and polls do this by weighing the results and not just doing a flat-out survey by awarding the popular vote to the person who gets the most responses in a poll. This is because polls sometimes survey more Democrats than Independents or Republicans and they’ll poll people from various states, so they have to weight the results.

      When you state, “State polling in the US didn’t take into account how many people were kicked off voting rolls and all results were within the polling margin of errors regardless in those states” that is false because the results were not in the margin of error in all of those states and here is proof of that:

      North Carolina -> Quinnipiac had Hillary at +2 with an MOE of 3.3. Trump won by +3.7 (not within the margin of error). Gravis had her at +1 with an MOE of 2.8 (again not within the MOE)

      Michigan -> PPP has Clinton at +5 with an MOE of 3.2, Trump won by +0.3 (not within the MOE), Gravis had her at +5 with an MOE of 3 (not within the MOE)

      Wisconsin -> Marquetter had Hillary at +6 with an MOE of 3.5, Trump won by +0.7 (not within the MOE), Emerson had her at +6 with an MOE of 4.9 (not within the MOE)

      But keep thinking I’m BS’ing you.

    • Giancarlo85

      Full of bullsh*t as expected. Trumps approval ratings are the lowest they have ever been for any newly elected president. But keep on deflecting. The polls couldn’t take into account the extensive rigging and tossing of voter registrations from urban areas.

    • Giancarlo85

      You are a gay republican. A walking contradiction and brainless liar. You just don’t like that I’m calling you out on your crap.

    • mhoffman953

      @Giancarlo85 Calling me out on what? LOL

      You said I was lying about my statement. I proved I wasn’t with facts. You then said I’m still lying without providing evidence.

      But to get back on topic, my original point was that polls aren’t accurate. These same polls polled George Bush at an approval rating of 90% one time, much higher than Obama’s highest at 69%. Are you going to argue that they are still accurate in that case?

    • Giancarlo85

      Yes, you are a lying sack of hypocritical crap who doesn’t even read the articles you post.

      National polling isn’t done on the basis of the electoral college. It’s done on the overall public opinion of the entire country (popular opinion, ergo popular vote).

    • Giancarlo85

      By the way, moron… keep citing Bush. That doesn’t prove anything. Obama LEFT with a 60% approval rating and Bush left with one below 30%. Learn how to read for once and stop being a tool.

      And if you’re gonna sit here and claim that Trumpkins is more popular than the polls suggest, you’re full of sh*t.

    • Giancarlo85

      “National polls focus on the electoral college as they know that is how a President is determined and polls do this by weighing the results and not just doing a flat-out survey by awarding the popular vote to the person who gets the most responses in a poll. ”

      Stupid statements like this just prove to me you don’t know what you’re talking about. Go back and take a basic class in stats or political science. You’ll know that is simply not how it’s done. Can you please take a class in basic grammar too? Run-on sentences only make you look even more stupid.

  • Giancarlo85

    BTW, all approval rating polls are done nationally so I don’t have any reason to doubt their accuracy. They were correct during the 2016 election.

    • natekerchel

      Don’t let mhoffman suck you into a pointless unproductive game of ‘he said she said’. That is his goal. he is a dyed in the wool trumpist, and will seek to twist your words and draw you into his world of delusion. You know that you are in the majority here – he a well known apologist for the hateful illegitimate creature in the White House.

    • 1EqualityUSA


  • KaiserVonScheiss

    I question whether these polls are trustworthy. The election polls were dead wrong, and the media are a bunch of liars. Rasmussen had a poll a while back that said the opposite of what the media has been saying.

    All polls have to be taken cum grano salis, but I place zero faith in the aforementioned polls.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      One thing about this weird country, when things start to go bad for a sap such as this, it takes on the feeling of a grape crush, height of the season. We have a con man with access to top secret information. They should come in, throw a sack over the man’s head, Sergei Mikhailov-style, and charged the lout with treason. The bag will be an improvement. Pence is a dirty penny too.

    • KaiserVonScheiss

      Who are they?

      Are you advocating for a military coup?

    • 1EqualityUSA

      No. After the investigation comes back (+) for nefariousness, bag him and tag him like a scene out of Marlin Perkin’s Wild Kingdom, “Jim is wrestling with the alligator” and escort his smarter than a fifth grader(?) ass to the slammer where he belongs.

  • n900mixalot

    The Internet and media are echo chambers that reflect only certain perspectives and specific agendas. I assure you that there is a very silent majority whom the most vocal, socially “liberal” individuals fail to recognize as existing outside of their sheltered, walled garden.

    So when things happen that you guys don’t understand, it’s because you’re only hearing what you want to hear within your vacuum. There’s a big world out here.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      without borders.

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