The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Had His Gay Demon Exorcised? He Says He’s Cured of The Gay

Remember the Manifested Glory Ministries in Connecticut? The place where 16-year-old Jeffrey was exorcised because of the gay demon living inside him? While everyone else was up in arms over the violent ritual performed by the husband-and-wife team, Jeffrey has no regrets. In fact, he says he’s cured … of his homosexuality.

“I’m healed by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit … that came into me and removed that unclean spirit out of me, because it is not okay to live in that lifestyle,” Jeffrey says on Tyra. “I have nothing against that lifestyle of homosexuals in that way — it’s their lifestyle, they have a choice if they want to serve God … it is totally up to that person.”

He’s been “struggling” with his sexuality since age 5, he says, when he started feeling attraction to other boys. At age 10, he began using the word “gay” to describe himself. And then he began cross-dressing, and at age 14 he began dating other boys. (He’s never dated girls.)

So what led to the exorcism? He was invited by two women to visit Manifested Glory during a Bible study, and that’s when he met Patricia (the Prophet) and Kelvin McKinney. And the rest is “casting out” history. But the journey isn’t over. While he’s not gay, he still has “temptations,” he says. “The spirit of homosexuality is not in me because I choose not to live in that way.”

Ugh. Poor guy. So young, and so confused, and wearing what looks to be a fake beard. It’s clear Tyra isn’t buying his story (or that he’s now attracted to women), and neither are we. But Jeffrey is likely facing a ridiculous amount of pressure, from family or friends or “the church,” and the 20-minute exorcism is the least of his pain. And Patricia McKinney, the self-proclaimed prophet who claims to have glorified gaydar, and who Jeffrey has placed his faith in, is a dangerous person. Just listen to her talk about all her gay friends … who she doesn’t hang out with anymore.

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