The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Had His Gay Demon Exorcised? He Says He’s Cured of The Gay

Remember the Manifested Glory Ministries in Connecticut? The place where 16-year-old Jeffrey was exorcised because of the gay demon living inside him? While everyone else was up in arms over the violent ritual performed by the husband-and-wife team, Jeffrey has no regrets. In fact, he says he’s cured … of his homosexuality.

“I’m healed by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit … that came into me and removed that unclean spirit out of me, because it is not okay to live in that lifestyle,” Jeffrey says on Tyra. “I have nothing against that lifestyle of homosexuals in that way — it’s their lifestyle, they have a choice if they want to serve God … it is totally up to that person.”

He’s been “struggling” with his sexuality since age 5, he says, when he started feeling attraction to other boys. At age 10, he began using the word “gay” to describe himself. And then he began cross-dressing, and at age 14 he began dating other boys. (He’s never dated girls.)

So what led to the exorcism? He was invited by two women to visit Manifested Glory during a Bible study, and that’s when he met Patricia (the Prophet) and Kelvin McKinney. And the rest is “casting out” history. But the journey isn’t over. While he’s not gay, he still has “temptations,” he says. “The spirit of homosexuality is not in me because I choose not to live in that way.”

Ugh. Poor guy. So young, and so confused, and wearing what looks to be a fake beard. It’s clear Tyra isn’t buying his story (or that he’s now attracted to women), and neither are we. But Jeffrey is likely facing a ridiculous amount of pressure, from family or friends or “the church,” and the 20-minute exorcism is the least of his pain. And Patricia McKinney, the self-proclaimed prophet who claims to have glorified gaydar, and who Jeffrey has placed his faith in, is a dangerous person. Just listen to her talk about all her gay friends … who she doesn’t hang out with anymore.

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  • will clemens

    Why didnt The holy spirit remove the Lithp ?

  • nikko


  • terrwill

    How do we exorcise the dangerous, ill advised, lunatic,
    nut bags who are influencing this confused boy? His qoute:
    The spirit of homosexuality is not in me because I choose not to live in that way.” I’d be more than willing to bet something else will be “in” him before long………….

  • Tartuffe

    This is all kinds of scary..

  • Robert, NYC

    You can bet this deluded fool will continue having sex with males, virtually every so called ex-gay who has married and there aren’t many of them, few have fathered children and many are still having sex on the side with men. Nobody can ever be “cured”. Don’t you love it when they describe our very existence as a “lifestyle”, as if straights are exempt from that perception? Try curing a straight, the day that happens then maybe these idiots will have some credence. Not going to happen.

  • Chitown Kev

    @Robert, NYC:

    Why would you call him a deluded fool?

    He is 16 years old. Now the parents and the bigots that “cured” him get my undying hatred but…

    He is a kid.

  • Brian

    Are the “beard demons” next on the list?

    Score another victory for religious beliefs. Christians continue to make homosexuality wrong – even “demonic” in this pathetic case.

    Yes, ChiTown Kev – he must be “deluded” and a “fool” to believe this crap and deny who he really is. They should be giving him condoms to “save his life,” not witchcraft.

  • Alexander

    I really feel bad for this kid. He’s being lied to by the people who are meant to protect him, and this will end up harming him in the long run. The psyche can’t handle being lied to, especially when one’s lying to himself. If he’s LUCKY, he’ll ‘break down’ and be gay, if not, he’ll have a psychotic break. The mind can’t handle that kinda stress, man.

  • cgd


    “Yes, ChiTown Kev – he must be “deluded” and a “fool” to believe this crap and deny who he really is.”

    He looks more like a hostage to me.

  • Chitown Kev


    Uh, and what 16 year old kid doesn’t go through all sorts of identity problems?

    Hell, I was 19 when I walked into a church in Harlem and had the pastor annoit me with olive oil and prayed out “the demon of homosexuality.”

    Now, of course, that prayer lasted all of 45 minutes until I ran into a hot cruise spot in Central Park.

  • Charles Merrill

    Poor baby. He is gentle and sweet. He may kill himself eventually believing he is evil for his natural attraction to another man. Tyra was very compassionate.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    @Charles Merrill:

    We never agree but the way people are acting to Tyra’s behaviour is like they are trying to say it as like Oprah when she was good! In the 80’s!

    This was wrong.


    Why, how, wtf??

  • Chitown Kev

    @John from England(used to be just John but there are other John’s):

    First of all John, I’m 42 now so I laugh at the memory.

    Let’s see, homophobia at home, went to school in the South to get away from the homophobia (some but not all religious based) at home but found more homophobia in the South (plus a racist gaybashing). Wound up in NYC broke, busted, drunk, and disgusted. For a moment I wanted things to change.

    It was a simple annoiting and not the assult that this kid went through. But still…

    Of course I was sucking dick under a viaduct in Central Park in less than an hour. Guess the cure didn’t work and I haven’t thought about since.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    @Chitown Kev:

    Day of reckoning and all that…

    Again-I will say I guess it’s easier in Europe then the US….it’s not kumbaya but you will find a place to sleep or be. OR you could get benefits as well as healthcare…??

    Bah, not trying to push anything but it always shocks me with what you guys go through that people are anti-universal public health care…

    Or lowering the age of consent..

  • Andrew

    This kid needs to be cured of the infection of religion.

    Let him sin a few times and maybe then he’ll be honest.

  • Mike

    I believe him, because he says so and has a beard and a mustache.

  • Andrew

    @Chitown Kev: “Let’s see, homophobia at home, went to school in the South to get away from the homophobia (some but not all religious based) at home but found more homophobia in the South (plus a racist gaybashing). “

    What? Some, but not all religious based. Hmmm, where else did somebody get the idea that we are wrong? Religion is the only institution that teaches that.

  • Corey

    Poor thing, that “beard” he is wearing isnt fooling anyone..

    What fool said to this poor kid “Hey, all you need to do to look straight is put on this face weave”

    He looks more like he is ready to put on the chaps and harness and hit the EAGLE!

    America… SAD..

  • BramNash

    I admire his attempt, and because I’m not religious, I’d rather something that made the change instant rather than a long process. Looks like people like Kamora are not above the let’s use the children platform as I’m sure she’d accuse others of using. Next, will Tyra feature a show about religious teens being ostracized for having beliefs? Being called “bigots” and such for believing what they do about homosexuality. Apparently, “it hurt little Johnny’s feelings” dictates what can and cannot be considered wrong. Perhaps the prophet feels so strongly because she changed and no longer feels the attraction she referred to. I don’t think that boy is there yet, but who is to say that it’s not possible, given the proper environment..ie. not the Tyra show and APA references.

  • Chitown Kev


    Traditional sex roles/ideas of what it is to be a “man” or a “woman” also has something to do with it; this was particularly the case with my brother who is not religious.

    Now I will say that it’s a bit easier to work with and gradually change non-religious based homophobia but remember; homophobia is also an offshoot of sexism.

  • sekaiichibankawaii

    Well, the “prophetess use” to be a crackhead! The only time she ever had urges for a woman the “rock” must have been involved! Why would someone trust their soul to a crackhead? You wouldn’t trust a crackhead to wash your car, take out your garbage, or do your taxes, yet he trust his soul to her? They need to check to see if he is on the “rock” as well.

  • Chitown Kev


    LOL! Well, I’m still a crackhead to be honest. Just haven’t toked of the glass dick in awhile.

    But the prophrtess is still cracked, I will agree with you there.

  • Chitown Kev

    @Chitown Kev:

    prophetess…I can’t spell.

  • ...


  • jason

    How sad is it that black people are engaging in this sort of thing!

  • Chitown Kev


    Honey, white folks do this shit too. Sarah Palin went to the same type of church.

  • Ozymandias

    “But Jeffrey is likely facing a ridiculous amount of pressure, from family or friends or “the church,” and the 20-minute exorcism is the least of his pain.”

    That’s an understatement – “gay exorcisms” rely a LOT on repeated “intervention” after the event to make sure the “cured” homosexual doesn’t slip back into temptation. You can bet that any socializing he does (friends, Internet/e-mail use and so on) is being highly scrutinized and controlled through guilt (“Well you were cured of that by the Holy Ghost so wanting dick is you just CHOOSING to want it) and “loving correction” The “exorcism” itself is demeaning enough, but what this kid is going through now makes that deranged ritual look completely harmless by comparison. And this will likely go on for years unless he gets out. Bad stuff. Really, really bad stuff.

  • Ozymandias

    @Chitown Kev:

    Absolutely right.

  • BramNash

    Why would his lifestyle not be scrutinized? Why wouldn’t there be intervention? They don’t seem Catholic, but what they are getting at appears to be related to what Catholicism calls the sin of omission. Sex thoughts come up on you involuntarily? Well voluntarily do something to redirect your thoughts. Like it or not, it really is your choice. So if that was an attempt to mock, it didn’t work.

  • antonio

    i don’t believe him!!!! look those glases his wearing!!! c’on….just because he has a macho look doesnt make him str8!!!!

  • TomEM

    Now he can pray-away his other social handicap (i.e. being “Black in America”™)

  • TomEM

    @Chitown Kev: “homophobia is also an offshoot of sexism.”

    Yup. The “also” though redundant?

  • Bri

    Wait, who were those two women at the end? Can someone fill me in?

  • BramNash

    Many would say that homosexuality itself is sexism, so that idea is quite ironic.

  • Boy Power

    Brain damage. And/or over-medication.

  • Not That Bad a Lisp

    Any truth to the rumor that he’s Maggie Gallagher’s illegitimate love child with Dominique Wilkins?

    Bitch still got him some powerful trouser demons, I’m thinkin’.

  • sebastian

    oh please!

  • Johnny

    16 years old…. seems like child abuse to me

  • nikko

    er BRAMNASH, you wouldn’t be anti-gay. would you? Then why do you “admire” this young man’s attempt to change? Gross.

  • hyhybt

    He’s a minor. If he says anything other than “it worked” they’ll just do it again.

  • Brian

    This exorcism is based on the traditional Christian belief that homosexuality is wrong.

  • AlkeWekJunkie

    this was sad. I saw this eposide and it almost brought me to tears. He still has mannerisms as if is gay, it does not work (the process in which he underwent). I had a best friend that tried on two occasions to give up the gay lifestyle, he cut me off to live the life of the church, but left, becuase he could not pray away his lust for men. Not sure if he went back a 3rd time, we are no longer friends, but i think you should be able to be yourself and worship God, (minus the partying/drinking/wild sex). No one asks to be gay, for such opposition, why do members of the black church feel it can be prayed away?? i accept myself as i am, if the lord changes my heart tomorrow i’ll accept it, but i’m not going to leave it to the hands of any black church to “flush the homosexual demon out” what NONSENSE!! I hope he finds his way as he gets older, i can imagine how it is, being gay and black in some unaccepting households, with fathers that will beat it out of you, mothers that want to take you to church and have it prayed out of you. Lord help the young teens today, give them strength, because the suicide rate amongst young gay teens is no joke.

  • Tommy

    There is nooo way the there is a gay demon.. He just got scared of the pastors.. lol

  • Chitown Kev


    Not just homosexuality, though. And not all black churches either.

    “Beyond the obvious hypocrisy inherent in GOP Senator and Promise Keepers member John Ensign’s recently disclosed extramarital sexual affair, there’s another notable aspect to Ensign’s religious affiliations that has so far escaped public notice: exorcism.

    Senator John Ensign belongs to a Pentecostal denomination, the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, that promotes a new health care paradigm in which both physical and psychological maladies can be cured through the casting out of demons. In the new approach, individuals can even heal themselves by exorcising their own demons, through a process that a 2003 Associated Press story characterized as “do it yourself exorcism”

    “From John Ensign’s college introduction to the Promise Keepers movement, through the Senator’s current membership in a Las Vegas church within the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel denomination, to his current residence in a house owned by Youth With a Mission, a parachurch evangelical organization founded in 1960 by Loren Cunningham – who espouses a doctrine of Christian infiltration of key societal sectors, Senator Ensign has throughout his political career associated with charismatic Christian religious entities in the forefront of promoting a radical and new approach that is redefining Christian evangelism, which now includes a heavy emphasis on the exorcism of demons as a key to a healthy, productive, and moral life.”


  • Brian

    They should sell this “self-exorcism” thing for $19.99. It’s a goldmine. Nutty Christians.

  • schlukitz

    @Chitown Kev:

    Now, of course, that prayer lasted all of 45 minutes until I ran into a hot cruise spot in Central Park.

    Oh! You know about Rambles, Homo Hill and Gulper’s Gulch too, do you? LOL

  • Chitown Kev


    I might. I might not. I dont suc…I mean kiss and tell.

  • dgz

    @jason: how sad that you’re still a racist.

  • dgz

    WHAT?! no mention of the fact that the exorcising woman *used* to be a lesbian, and admitted it on the show?!?

    (truth be told, i was surprised… in my blindness, i had thought a lot about self-hating gay men, but had forgotten that women could fall prey to the same thing.)

  • Bri

    @dgz: Yes, everyone always forgets lesbians.

  • schlukitz

    @Chitown Kev:

    I might. I might not. I dont suc…I mean kiss and tell.

    You, Sir, are obviously a gentleman. ;o)

  • hephaestion

    Poor kid. Didn’t the minister at Sarah Palin’s church perform exorcisms on gays, too??

  • dgz

    @Bri: not so much that, as the lack of public examples of seld-hating lesbians, e.g. larry craig.

  • Jason

    oh the humanity!

  • sekaiichibankawaii

    Oh, the crackhead lies!!! Somebody find the “prophetess” a pipe and crack so that she can leave this boy alone! I can’t believe anyone is taking her seriously, she admitted to be a crackhead on CNN. If Tyra really wanted to help that boy, she convince the “prophetess” there is going to be a couple of “rocks of discernment” if she told that boy the truth. Trust, she would have told that boy he was the flame you could see from space.

  • tjr101

    This is a 16 yr old, it’s a kid. He is still growing and is very confused. Personally I feel sorry for him because he was taken advantage of by the members of that “church” and his family. The people he lives with and depend on for emotional guidance is feeding him this crap. They themselves are ignorant and stuck in religious dogma.

    So he will be battling these “temptations” for the rest of his life because it’s “God’s” job to clean him of these temptations. In essence he will be like Larry Craig and Ted Haggard, having sex with men while denying his homosexuality.

  • Bri

    @dgz: Charlene Cothrane anyone?

    Okay, people don’t forget lesbians…they ignore them.

  • haji727

    What got me is when Miss Woman Prophet said she at one time had feelings for another woman. Afuckinmazing!

  • me

    “it is completely wrong…but there’s nothing wrong with it”

  • drresol


    You just described the first 18 years of my life.

    Seriously…please don’t take this out on the kid. Take it from someone who has been exactly where he is now…at 16, being gay and having been raised in such a highly religious-saturated environment, you have no idea the confusion and anguish going on in this kid’s head. The emergence of one’s sexuality can be confusing enough under the best of circumstances…throw on top of that homosexuality, coupled with this religious craziness and it becomes psychotic.

  • rhydderch

    “Give me peace, love and a hard cock” – Tori Amos

  • Brian

    Great article on Advocate.com by David White.

    “You might remember the YouTube clips of the people performing an exorcism on a 16-year-old boy to make him stop having homosexual desires. Well, those got taken down (and who knows, maybe reposted over and over, I haven’t checked lately) by a gay teen advocacy group called True Colors. And I think that’s a good thing. No kid needs that kind of shit following him or her around on the Internet. It’s a hellish enough world out there for a lot of homo teens trapped in cartoonishly superstitious, scare-the-holy-fucking-shit-out-of-you churches (i.e., pretty much all of them, with few exceptions) where the fear of Satan is pounded into their heads. “

    The article: http://www.advocate.com/Arts_and_Entertainment/Television/Becoming_a_Gay_Exorcist_for_Beginners/

  • Richard

    wow. this is truly amazing. This just shows the power of God, and proves that all things are possible in Gods eyes. Homosexuality is wrong and sinful and i believe that the only way you can be free from it is following God. Homosexuality is a addiction and a disease, you will never find happiness unless you turn to God, exactly what this kid did. Ill pray for him to be further healed from homosexuality and temptations so that he can be a Godly man and praise God. The world is sinful and full of sinful people . God is the only answer.

  • schlukitz

    No. 64 · Richard

    wow. this is truly amazing.

    The only thing “amazing” here, is the stupidity and self-righteousness of people like you.

    The world is sinful and full of sinful people.

    No doubt, you are counting the days until the “Rapture” so that all thjose “sinners” will get what’s coming to them.

    It can’t come soon enough to suit me, if it will clear the world of dumb fucks like you.

  • schlukitz

    What is it with religious loonies who are more concerned with eradicating homosexuality than starvation and pestilence which are the real “sins” of the world?

  • nikko

    RICHARD, our homosexuality is not sinful. As with all sexuality, be responsible. I do agree that humanity is sinful and we must repent of our wrongdoing and make restitution with both God and man (whenever feasible). Our homosexual desires are not curable, as I was a born again christian for many years. I am living proof that Jesus does NOT heal homosexuality.

  • Anthony Venn-Brown

    Dear Richard…..this is not amazing….its very sad. Sad that people are so ignorant about sexual orientation that they think it is a demonic spirit and sad that the young man feels that he is demon possessed because he is attracted to men instead of women.

    I went through a similar experience over 30 years ago. http://gayambassador.blogspot.com/2008/06/chapter-5-devils-in-bible-college.html

    Today we should be more enlightened. http://www.samesame.com.au/features/2799/Devil-Or-Delusion.htm

    the tragic thing is that this young man will feel for a while that he might be ‘free’…but will realise in time it was nothing more than an emotional experience mixed with hyperventilation. Then he will either feel that he has failed God or God has failed him. Neither of these are true.

  • B

    In No. 64, Richard wrote, “wow. this is truly amazing. This just shows the power of God, and proves that all things are possible in Gods eyes. Homosexuality is wrong and sinful and i believe that the only way you can be free from it is following God.”

    You mean like the story of Middle-Eastern origins about some character with a reputation for being a mystic? A king tells him to prove it or have his head lobbed off. The “mystic” immediately says, “I see strange things – demons under the earth, a golden bird in the sky.” The king asks, “how can you see far into the sky and deep underground?” “Fear is all you need.”

    You can follow “God”/”The Tao”/whatever all you want, but according to Lao Tsu, the Tao follows what is natural, so ultimately you are going to follow what is natural (for you) too, even if you manage to suppress it for a while.

  • Robert, NYC

    Richard, for your information, Jesus Christ never mentioned homosexuality once nor did he condemn it. As for the Leviticus mantra in the jewish part of the bible, the old testament, there is NO evidence that this reference you right wing religious bigots use to justify discrimination against us was ever uttered by some supreme deity. You might want to catch up on the stuff you hypocrites deliberately ignore when you claim you believe in the scriptures and see just how much of it you actually apply to your own lives, I suspect precious little….www.fallwell.com. None of you are worthy of the name “christian”. Jesus Christ never judged others, unlike the rest of your kind. You have NO moral authority to speak for any deity, neither do the organized cults that have fostered hatred, discrimination, oppression and subjugation of people for millenia. If you really claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, do you conduct your life as he instructed, ergo…sell all you have and give to the poor and follow him? The pope doesn’t, in fact all christian leaders don’t.

  • Bill

    While in college, and later on in the job market, I’ve always been around people I knew were gay/lesbian/bisexual. I’m now almost in my 60’s so I feel like I can accurately describe atleast what I’ve found to be true. I’ve also worked for gay and lesbian couples, who’d been with each other for decades.

    My conclusion. There is little true monogamy in gay/lesbian relationships. The lesbian couple I worked for had a very “open” marriage if you could call it that, even more so than the gay couple. The gay couple I worked for said they respected my being straight, that they “loved me as a friend” for respecting them, but were always offering me and other male employees, booze and pot, to take the “chill” off things. I ignored this personally until one day, about 11 months after I went to work there, they hired this 16 year old kid to bus tables. It was obvious one of the partners had the hots for this teen.. It bothered me, BUT I wrote it off as nun’mybizness..That was, until I walked in on the same owner having his way with the kid in the storage room, during business hours. The kid was drunk and stoned. I don’t consider an underage teen UNDER the influence, simply exploring his sexuality with a 50-plus year old man “normal or okay” do you?…I found another job the next day and turned in my resignation. Good thing. The place got raided for hosting an underage drinking party later that same year.

    The lesbian couple was almost as bad. These women were in their late-40’s….At the time, in my 20’s, I didn’t care/pay attention as much to it, BUT they were always were hosting wild parties at their weekend retreat. I was never invited ofcourse. They liked cruising lesbian bars and picking up the pretty, feminine gals.
    Actually, I think they gave them money and gifts in exchange BUT what do I know right?

    I repeat my point. I’ve found that gays and lesbians seem to be pre-occupied/addicted to sex no differently than heterosexuals can be but in greater numbers. AND the common thread seems to be in recruitment.

    As far as “curing” of homosexuallity, I don’t think you can therefore it IS akin to an addiction. Once an alchoholic, always an alchoholic. YET I do believe one can do things to “control” their cravings. We are all tempted by certain things, it is only IF we give-in/subcomb OR allow our minds to actively ponder fantasies of such is there an incompatibility with Christianity.

    I might’ve believed this guy if he said “I am a homosexual, but have declared myself celebate” or “assexual” or asking The Lord to help control his urges. But he’s not cured.

    One last comment (I can hear the collective sighs of relief). The Bisexual Gals I’ve known. It was ALL about the sex with them. They were Pure-T NYMPHOS every one!…I PROUDLY ADMIT, I was NEVER offended by the advances of them OR their “friends”.

  • NoPirate1

    Argue with the Bible. One day, you will stand before God Almighty and you’ll be judged. Jesus will either say “Welcome loyal and faithful servant” or “Go away, I do not know you”.
    The Word says what it says not just in the old Testament but in the New as well. It never changes no matter the spin mankind tries to put on it. Everyone will try to justify in their own eyes what they do here in this life but was it done submitting to and serving The Lord. That’s all that matters. There’s ONE and only ONE way. It’s narrow and rough not wide and easy. You can translate that as according to the Laws put down by The Master OR tolerant and permissive as by Man. See how angry Kimora got?. She/He/It didn’t want to give this teen any say in his own life. The Overseer got firm but didn’t lose his cool the way Kimora did. The Prophetess never did speak in an angry or hateful way. Kimora doesn’t love this teen. The Demon that was in this boy is what is in Kimora. It wants the boy to go to Hell.

    The sins of the flesh (LUST) are the most deadly of all no matter the sexual preference. That is why sexual predators cannot be cured by human means. The Bible even says it’s better a child molester drown themselves than exist. It is the SIN that weighs on their concious not the approval/disapproval of Man OR that runway lingerie bimbo Tyra Banks!

  • Robert, NYC

    So Bill, #71, what do you say to the rampant hetero men and women who commit adultery, one in two straight marriages fail as a result of lack of sex or boredom in the bedroom? Some straights who far outnumber us per capita actually get a lot of sex from their spouses or significant others, yet still cheat. How do you explain female prostitution and the johns who seek them out, ALL straight? That’s not addiction to sex? What about the straight pimp and other importuners of hetero sex who are involved with sex trafficking from the near and far east? What about the number of straights couples (swingers who even have their own clubs) who have open relationships, marriages? That’s not addiction to sex? You’re an idiot and a homophobe.

  • schlukitz

    No. 71 · Bill

    Thank you for the bigoted and homophobic, hetero rant

    and finger-pointing…on a gay site, no less.

    Tell me, are you gettin’ much these days, not that you are heading into the fall of your years?

    Perhaps that’s part of your problem, dude? Unbridled jealousy.

  • schlukitz

    Typo: not should be now

  • Noelley B

    Wow, what’s with all the trolls on this one?

    @No. 71 · Bill: You said you were in your sixties and your only encounters with the gay happened forty years ago? So as a twenty year old in the late sixties, early seventies, the people you knew smoked a lot of pot and had a lot of sex? Holy shit it must be because these four people were gay. Maybe gay relationships were historically more unstable because being gay was illegal and socially unacceptable?

    @No. 72 · NoPirate1: Bullshit. The Bible we have today has been edited and translated so many times since it was first written that it would unrecognizable by its authors if they could read it today. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed not because of the gay, but because everyone there enjoyed raping, murdering, and robbing any random travelers who happened by. That Leviticus bit? Also says not to eat shellfish or mix fibers when weaving cloth. Jesus was pretty clear that He came here not for the righteous but for the sinners. Maybe you’ll get lucky and being a hateful douchbag is a sin.

    Gah. Sorry, I know better than to feed them, but why the hell do people like this even come to this site? I feel like someone just stirred my anthill.

  • Kj

    Leave the kid alone and god is dumb and who care wat he think and mo offense to chirstian or any other religon

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